High quality, mid-tier & cost effective Point to Point / Multipoint

Repeatit was founded in 2001 and are well known for providing the best price vs. performance with their Trinity (Point to Point) and Multipoint enabling resellers, integrators and service providers to offer building to building connections, rural broadband & more. The central tenet of their designs focus on having high quality systems enabled for outdoor applications coupled with superior management capability backup.


Repeatit introduced its first system based on 802.11b back in 2001 and now has proven, high quality installations in extreme environments ranging from desert to arctic conditions. In 2004 they expanded to 802.11 a/g and in 2010 added to their product portfolio with 802.11n and proprietary TDD protocols. In 2011 Repeatit became one of the first outdoor wireless vendors to introduce Cloud management and services fully integrated with their products.

Repeatit offers three product ranges and Cloud management services : their Trinity Point to Point wireless radio links with 100% transparent ethernet which can be used as a direct ethernet cable replacement, their Multipoint system which is used by several commercial network owners across Europe.

And now meet the…

repeatit tracker logo

The smart, seamless wireless tracking system designed to extend wireless connectivity on land or at sea

The Repeatit Tracker is a Wireless Tracking System (WTS) that extends wireless connectivity to moving objects on land or sea. With an in-built Repeatit Trinity radio, the Tracker automatically aligns its antenna to reach the fastest & strongest connection while in transit.

Extending wireless broadband up to 24km, the Repeatit Tracker serves new ship to shore applications for ferry operators, oil & gas companies and more and has already been field-proven back-hauling data and communications from one of the UK’s busiest ferry journeys.

repeatit tracker diagram

Take your wireless broadband further with the Repeatit Tracker. From mining and disaster recovery, to maritime and shipping, the Repeatit Tracker’s versatility and reliability have proven innovative in a wide range of new markets.

Supported by the Repeatit Cloud Ecosystem, you can count on smooth and easy network management that allows for one-click firmware updates, network alerts. usage reports and a Google Maps network topology.

Repeatit Trinity Technologies


AirTime by Repeatit makes wireless transmission more efficient greatly increases link efficiency and performance.


MultiFlex is a unique feature that enables all Trinity products to run in both Point to Point and Multipoint mode.


Repeatit’s PacketHeal is a technology that instantly heals lost & corrupted packets, eliminating transmit and receive errors.


SyncMaster allows smart spectrum reuse and multiple Trinity units to be collocated optimizing both PTP & PtMP.

Repeatit Trinity Product Family

repeatit trinity 316

245Mbps | 16 dBi Duel Pol Antenna | IP55 Rated | 5GHz | up to 70km distance

repeatit trinity 318

245Mbps | 18 dBi Duel Pol Antenna | IP67/68 Rated | 3 or 5GHz | up to 170km distance

repeatit trinity 300

245Mbps | Connectorized | IP67/68 Rated | 3, 5 or 6GHz | up to 200km+ distance

repeatit trinity 323

245Mbps | 23dBi Dual Pol Antenna | IP67/68 Rated | 3, 5 or 6GHz | up to 200km+ distance

repeatit trinity 800

700Mbps | 2x N Connectors | IP67/68 Rated | 3, 5 or 6GHz | up to 200km+ distance

repeatit trinity 823

700Mbps | 23dBi Duel Pol Antenna | IP67/68 Rated | 3, 5 or 6GHz | up to 200km+ distance