Encapto serve everyone from integrators looking to deploy and manage large municipal networks, to café owners after a low cost, high value WiFi system for their customers.

They know WiFi management, because the same people who built Encapto spent years creating some of the world’s best public WiFi networks. Encapto takes the smarts developed in the incubator of Australia’s leading WiFi integrator – Easyweb Digital – and makes them available to the world.


Encapto Master

One-stop user engagement, configuration, reporting and control for your WiFi network.

Built by WiFi integrators with ten years’ experience in building sophisticated WiFi networks.


Encapto Campaign

Target content to WiFi users with Encapto’s sophisticated Campaign module featuring scheduling and location targeting to deliver the right message to the right users at the right time.


Encapto Locate

Locate is a bolt on WiFi location services tool for Encapto powered networks. Encapto Locate enables unparalleled insight into visitor behaviour based on how they move about in your WiFi zone.