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More than just box-shifters, helping you win more business.

We are a proud value-added distributor. We ensure our customers have everything they need to win more business. From pre-sales technical support through marketing material, we can help you provide a complete solution that you can take directly to your customers and end-users.

How can we help?

Purdicom is a value-added distributor. We love what we do – ensuring our customers have everything they need to win more business. From pre-sales technical support through marketing material, we can help you provide a complete solution that you can take directly to your customers and end-users.

Our value-add really sets us apart. We are more than just your standard box-shifting distributor. We encourage great relationships with our vendors to ensure our customers get the best products on the market. We test, use and demo all the kit we sell, right here in our offices. This means if you ever have any issues, you will benefit from our deep working knowledge and understanding of the products we use every day.

As a tight knit, relatively small company, we’re able to offer value add in ways others cannot; our Sales Team and Technical Team work together, sitting side by side to plan and execute a working solution that you can take you straight to your customers. Marketing, Customer Support, Finance and Supply Chain all work closely together to ensure whatever you’re researching or buying, you receive bespoke advice and support that is uniquely tailored to your business model and vertical.

We are a nimble, fast-paced and focused IT distributor, which is confirmed through our fantastic long-standing customer relationships. Here is just a small snippet of what we can do for you, to make your job easier.

Value Added Services

Technical Demonstrations

We offer free, pre-sales visits to carry out technical demonstrations of all the kit we sell. This means you can see the kit in action before you’ve committed to buying. With our Technical Team onsite, it also means you have the freedom to ask all the questions you need to and have them answered with a hands-on demonstration.

Wi-Fi Heat Maps

To give you an idea of how much kit your customer will need, we offer free heat mapping that will take into consideration a buildings floor plans or where you need a network. We will provide you with an accurate calculation of the number of access points required to ensure full coverage.

Wireless Link Planning

Our wireless link planning service will give you an accurate indication of the viability of a fixed PtP and PtMP wireless link and the predicted throughput across the link at different availability rates. We consider all factors, like terrain, antenna height, distances and frequencies.

Technical Support

Our Technical Team are always available to assist in any technical queries you may have. They can offer support and advice with kit, as well as coming to help with installation and setup. Our Technical Team truly care about your network success and want to ensure you have exactly what you need when you go to your customers.

Bespoke Webinars

If you’re unable to attend a training course or you need some additional help on a manufacturer, our Technical Team offer bespoke webinars tailored to your specific needs. These are an opportunity for you to speak with our Technical Support Team experts and learn even more.

Flexible Terms

We’re proud to offer flexible finance packages that will ensure you can always find the best plan when it comes to finding a solution that works for your business. Of course, finance terms are offered based on your company’s situation, but the flexibility means you can focus on your business goals and not payments.

Technical Account Manager

Our Account Managers don’t just sell you whatever products or kit they have readily available, their technical knowledge means you can rest assured you’ll be quoted for kit that is suitable for your network, or any other technology you use. They can also suggest and recommend kit that will work best in your environment, so you have the best technology solution to win more business.

Customer Support

Customer is King – this is Purdicom’s mantra and this is exactly the service you’ll get with our Customer Support Team. They can pretty much help with anything, and if they can’t, they’ll put you through to someone who can. From raising quotes through booking a training course, be sure to speak to our Customer Support Team for any of your issues or queries.


If you’re after a new case study or some email design, our Marketing team can help create this for you. Whether you’re after a co-branded template or just a bit of marketing resource, we can help you promote our carefully selected vendors and their products to your customers. We have a range of templates or we can create something in your branding from scratch, so feel free to drop us an email to marketing@purdi.com.


Do you need a shipment to go straight to your end-user or do you need staggered delivery? Our Logistics team offer flexibility when it comes to delivering your stock, so be sure to let us know. We can also white label boxes or create bespoke labelling. Labelling can represent either Purdicom, the manufacturer or your company name. Just let us know.

Customer Portal

Our Customer Poral is there to help you. Visit our Technical Knowledge Base for vendor-specific product articles, ‘how-to’ guides and common questions or visit our store, to view, raise and confirm quotes. Our Marketing Portal is also coming-soon. This will allow you to custom brand a range of useful marketing material to send to your customers.

Pre-Sales Meetings

Either our Technical or Sales Teams can arrange a pre-sales meeting with you to discuss your requirements and the business you’re trying to win. Our Sales and Technical Teams give you an unbiased view of what kit and services you’ll need and how you can win that business. They’re here to help you grow your business.

Professional Services

Site Planning

After you’ve had your heat map, our Technical Team can come to your customers site and offer a free, pre-sales, site plan to inform you of what kit is required and where it is best deployed. This ensures when you’re quoted for kit, you’ll know everything you need is included.

Access Point Labelling

We offer a unique labelling service where we can apply a customised label of your choice to each Access Point, remove any single-use plastic and document all MAC Addresses and Serial Numbers ready for the Access Points to be deployed in their final location.


To benefit from the most preferential pricing structures and all the perks of becoming a certified reseller, most of our vendors require you to be accredited. This protects the channel and ensures only the best installs to end-users. Let us enable you with accredited training.


To save you time when on site, our Technical Team will pre-stage all your equipment. Our qualified engineers will configure the equipment from your requirements and provide a full report containing all backup files, usernames/passwords and a quick start guide to get you up and running smoothly.


Our qualified engineers offer installation configuration services for all our products, ensuring they are configured to the manufacturer best practices. We conduct a full statement of works document prior to the installation to gather your requirements and provide a full testing documentation and implementation report so you can see the system configuration.

Pre-Installation Site Surveys

To guarantee successful access point placement and coverage, we offer pre-installation site surveys using Ekahau site survey tools. These surveys are an essential component of WLAN design The wireless networks must be reliable and efficiently utilise the RF spectrum to give maximum throughput to the client device.

Post-Installation Site Survey

After installation our team can make recommendations within the live environment for how the wireless network can be further optimised. We use Ekahau site survey tools to provide your report and with this suite, we can guarantee you are able to maximise your return on investment. We can implement any recommendations while still on site.

Line of Sight Survey

For fixed wireless applications (Cambium Outdoor and Siklu) we offer a line-of-sight survey to determine whether a wireless link is viable between nodes and  the availability of the link can be guranteed at the desired performance level. This includes any cabling requirements and the closest network cabinets for installation.


‘Not for Resale’ (NFR) kit can be purchased at a heavily discounted rate. This can be used to demo, practice installs or configuration or can be used to show your end-users what the kit actually looks like. NFR helps you to explore new features as and when they’re released so you can trial a range of kit before taking it to your marketplace.

Most of our value-add come to you at no cost, however some professional services are subject to price on application.
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