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Ubiquiti Networks is the innovative networking technology manufacturer for high performance and price disruptive solutions. Founded in America in 2005, they offer a broad and expanding portfolio of networking products and solutions for service providers and enterprises. Ubiquiti’s mission to push boundaries and close the digital divide have made them the recognised brand and global leader they are today.

The Ubiquiti platform offering is vast, and here at Purdicom we offer the best of both the UniFi and Airmax range. Ubiquiti’s global support community partnered with the value-add services offered by Purdicom means that bringing your network into the Digital Era has never been easier or more cost efficient. Discover a breakthrough combination of performance, reliability, and scalability with top performance/price value today.

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UniFi is the Global Leader in Managed Wifi Systems, with millions of shipments per year in over 180 countries. UniFi is the powerful, reliable and cost-effective solution trusted by specialists the world over, combining unified IT management and easy installation with additional scalable IP surveillance and Enterprise Telephony. Intuitive management software featuring a graphical user interface is bundled with the UniFi hardware at no extra cost – no licensing fees or support costs.


Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite picture


Delivers 5x the performance of 1st generation APs with scalable WiFi management.

Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Long range

UniFi AP AC Long Range

The innovative antenna design provides symmetrical-link coverage area for long-range deployment of high‑performance wireless networks.


Features the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 3×3 MIMO technology in a refined industrial design.

Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC high density

UniFi AP AC High-Density

Features 802.11ac Wave 2 MU‑MIMO technology, significantly increasing multi‑user throughput and overall user experience.

Ubiquiti unify AC mesh and pro

UniFi AP AC Mesh & Pro

Optimal dual-band performance with adjustable omni-directional antennas and Fast-Mount for expanded range coverage.

Ubiquiti unifi ac in wall

UniFi AP AC In-Wall

Ideal for new and retrofit installations, it delivers scalable, dedicated WiFi with easy setup, monitoring and control.

Routing & Switching

Ubiquiti Unifi cloud key picture

UniFi Cloud Key

Combines the best of local and cloud management: local network security combined with convenient remote access.

Ubiquiti Unifi secure gateway picture

UniFi Security Gateway & Pro

Extends the UniFi Enterprise System to provide reliable routing and advanced security for your network.

Ubiquiti Unifi poe switch 8

POE Switches

Available in a range of Gigabit Ethernet port size options, these fully managed switches deliver robust performance and intelligent switching for your networks.

Video Cameras & NVR

Ubiquiti Unifi video camera G3 Dome

UniFi Video Camera G3/Dome

Representing the next generation of the UniFi Video surveillance management system, it records 1080p HD video, day or night, indoors or outdoors.

Ubiquiti UniFi NVR


Pre-installed with UniFi Video software for quick and easy deployment, it benefits from vast scalability with intuitive management software.



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Airmax is THE Global standard for last mile connectivity. Ubiquiti’s wide portfolio of network enhancing solutions feature a combination of innovative technology, disruptive price performance and standout software management systems that continue to push the boundaries for wireless communications and connect hundreds of millions of people.

Ubiquiti airmax nanobeam AC

NanoBeam M5/AC/Gen 2

Ideal for CPE deployments requiring maximum performance from the smallest possible footprint.

Ubiquiti airmax powerbeam gen 2

PowerBeam M5/AC/Gen2

Incorporating a dish reflector design with proprietary airMAX ac technology, the PowerBeam AC is ideal for CPE deployments requiring maximum performance.

Ubiquiti airmax rocket prism ac

Rocket M5/AC/Gen2

Aps that integrate high-performance airMAX ac and airPrism technologies for maximum performance of wireless networks in high-density areas, in both 5 and 2.4 GHz.

Ubiquiti airmax sector antenna

Sector Antennas

Breakthrough design and performance in the form of innovative feature carrier-class construction and 2×2, dual polarity performance.