Cambium Networks ePMP wireless products are built with the highest interference tolerance to keep your network performing at its best even in congested real-world environments

Cambium Networks’ ePMP wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint products take interference tolerant, high performance, and reliable wireless broadband to a new level with innovative technology and proven, deployed-worldwide equipment, keeping you and your customers happy for an affordable price.

ePMP is perfect for Wireless Service Providers (WISPs) working with Rural connectivity, Municipal connectivity, and Enterprise/campus connectivity. The scalability and competitive pricing of the ePMP product makes it great for Enterprise, Wireless video surveillance networks, Industrial and mining applications, and LAN extensions.

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Increase performance without replacing installed hardware.

Why Cambium Networks ePMP?

Consistent Performance

With industry-leading tolerance to handle outside interference, Automatic Transmit Power Control to control self-interference, and a proven worldwide ePMP MAC scheduling algorithm, ePMP provides consistent performance, no matter how many subscribers are connected. And thanks to Air Fairness, when one subscriber is performing poorly, it doesn’t drag the rest down.

Frequency Reuse

Take that precious spectrum and multiply it across your network. With frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronisation, ePMP scales to more customers with less spectrum, letting you expand your business while keeping your customers happy. Deployed worldwide and proven over years, it’s the secret ingredient to a scalable network.

Return on Investment

Many operators find when they deploy a network, as it expands over time, they have to redesign it with new equipment once the number of subscribers reaches a certain point, ruining their return on investment plans. With ePMP, affordable doesn’t mean cheap; build your network to last, from the start.

Application Flexibility

Configurable Quality of Service for voice, video, and data lets you offer the services your customers want at the level of service they need. Combined with adaptable modes of configuration that let you support many combinations of bandwidth allocation and latency, a network built on ePMP can handle any application.

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