Ascom specialises in smart communication and workflow systems that enables
organisations to automate and control communications between staff and business operations. Ascom powers it’s IP-DECT, VoWiFi and smart devices with Ascom Unite, a management platform that integrates with third party systems such as IoT sensors, patient call systems, security and fire alarms and hospitality PMS systems.

Ascom VoWiFi Handsets

Ascom VoWi-Fi handsets offers enterprise-grade wireless telephony, messaging and personal alarm capabilities, based on Wi-Fi technologies. Ascom wireless handsets are renowned for durability and reliability. Their mobile devices use leading wireless technologies, including Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi), Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT), paging and mobile.


Ascom IP-DECT offers true mobility that can be relied upon. It offers secure wireless transmissions over dedicated frequency bands, making it less prone to interference. Simplicity in its system architecture maximizes flexibility and scalability to fit all customer requirements. An Ascom IP-DECT solution is easily scale from a 1 to 10,000 base stations and growing to support up to 100,000 users.

Ascom Unite Messaging Suite

Ascom Unite seamlessly links mission-critical systems with mobile communications. It delivers intelligent integration, advanced messaging and system management in one unique, powerful package.  Ascom Unite extends the reach of these systems to mobile devices to optimise communication for mobile teams.

Manufacturing and Production

Boost equipment up-time, inventory management and employee safety

Equipment Downtime

Alert engineering and maintenance immediately when production equipment goes down

Warehouse Deliveries

Receive a notification when shipments are on their way or ready to be unloaded

Hazardous Spill

If a hazardous spill occurs, a notification can be sent to security and safety team while also pinpointing the location to them to help avoid a major incident


Improve guest service response time and security management

Room Cleaning

Send message alert to housekeeping upon checkout & track when cleaning is complete

Guest Services

Dispatch food service and tray pickup; assign service orders in response to customer requests

Security Alert

Notify security of potential issues including door alarm, guest concern or fire emergency