60 Seconds to Wi-Fi that works for Small Business



Ruckus Unleashed enables small businesses to quickly deliver a better Wi-Fi experience, affordably.

Easy to deploy - Non Technical buyers can deploy their network in minutes, dodging configuration complexity in three easy steps.

Fast Wi-Fi everywhere, always - Customers and colleagues alike hate bad Wi-Fi, with Unleashed you get ten years of patented Wi-Fi performance innovations unlike consumer-grade Wi-Fi, ensuring you and customers will be in Wi-Fi heaven, no matter how challenging the environment

Great guest experience - Owners can create branded captive portals enhancing brand perception while offering flexible login options (SMS and social media) making it easier for everyone to access the Wi-Fi and giving your brand more opportunities to engage

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Hear from our Customers

Typically small business has few, if any, dedicated IT staff and need a more-than-simple way of getting everyone connected… on a limited budget. In addition, the Wi-FI has to be really good Wi-FI, to ensure your customers return and operations run smoothly.

“I want to be able to deploy the WLAN myself


“The consumer-grade Wi-Fi I have doesn’t work and I’m getting complaints from staff and customers”


“I want to use the Wi-Fi to engage with my customers and reinforce my brand”

These are the challenges we hear from our customers on a regular basis. With Unleashed you can set up in minutes, reduce your total cost of ownership and deliver reliable Wi-Fi in tricky environments like warehouses or high-density devices like café’s.  Lastly you can leverage a wide range of  guest access  services to further engage with your customers and use the Wi-Fi as a platform to reach them with offers and campaigns.

Unleashed Unveiled

Ruckus Unleashed: Deployment

Ruckus Unleashed: Guest Access

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