Point to Point (PTP)

What is Point to Point?

Point to Point Wireless (PTP) is a method of connecting two locations with ethernet when wires cannot be deployed typically due the substantial cost of ADSL/fibre or where terrain does not allow for cable to be dug into the ground. A PTP bridge could be used to connect two buildings in a school or business park, provide backhaul for a CCTV or ISP network or serve as a lower CAP/OPEX leased line replacement in both rural & urban areas.

Distances, Throughputs and Frequencies of Point to Point

Point to Point wireless operates primarily 5.4, 5.8, 10 – 38, 60, 70 & 80GHz and can reach true throughputs of 50Mbps up to 2Gbps. PTP distances can reach anywhere up to 50km depending on which frequency a PTP radio operates in, how large the antennas are and what vendor is being used. The price of PTP equipment has a strong correlation with the performance especially when in congested environments.

Purdicom can plan Point to Point links for any vendor giving you and your customer a rich analysis of the speeds & distances achievable the desired PTP location.