Park Holidays UK utilises Ruckus Wireless for fast, reliable WiFi

Park Holidays UK has utilised the benefits of the Ruckus’ T300 Access Points giving fast, reliable WiFi service to all of its customers.

Park Holidays UK is a large-scale operator of luxury caravan leisure sites with 24 parks in the south of England, including some of the most popular resorts along the coast. Coghurst Hall is an estate that offers a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming and an award-winning beach.

The Challenge

As the company ethos promotes high standards of accommodation and service, Coghurst Hall wanted to provide a quality and fast WiFi connection. However, with increasing numbers of guest devices using WiFi services, more demanding web application and video streaming services such as Netflix and iPlayer, they needed a great wireless solution to keep up with the high demand.

The resort’s legacy system was unable to cope with the broadband usage and the leased line needed to be updated to support thousands of simultaneous connections.

In order to achieve their goals, Purdicom’s reseller turned to Ruckus Wireless and Purdicom to meet the desired standards of WiFi services and to be able to support their customers’ devices in an outdoor, high density environment.

The Solution

Park Holidays UK chose Purdicom’s reseller because they have been providing WiFi to the park since 2009. Trusting their high quality installations and long-standing relationships.

Thirty-one ZoneFlex T300 Access Points were installed alongside a scalable, per access point licensed, Zone Director 1200 series to manage the network. This was coupled with Purdicom’s reseller revolutionary architecture SPARK®, which enables businesses to provide a branded WiFi Experience to guests, and target additional revenue streams through advertising and data collection. Perfect for Coghurst Hall; the access points themselves are designed explicitly for high density public venues whilst being easy to install due to the lightweight enclosure and small form factor. In fact, the installation process only took 5 weeks just in time for the busy summer rush.

“Ruckus hardware and Purdicom’s reseller allows us to build future services into the estate. We are reviewing camera, sensor and mobility solutions, all of which can be supported by the new mesh solution. Our aim is to provide our guests and owners with the very best service possible so they can stay connected whenever they are visiting the park.” – Michael Procyshyn, IT Manager at Park Holidays UK.

Ruckus’ T300 Access Points have BeamFlex+ support for up to 4 dB of signal gain and are 802.11ac certified, meaning that the APs can process data up to speeds of 1.3Gbps. This technology enables more users to use the WiFi services at the fastest speed available in the market today whilst the BeamFlex+ support allows the WiFi signal to be directed towards the customer’s devices, creating higher standards of service particularly within woodland areas.

The Outcome

Coghurst Hall now benefits from a newly installed high performance WiFi network and can support all of their customers, regardless of how much data they are using across the network. All of their customers can enjoy roaming access to high speed internet within the grounds as well as within the communal and club house areas. Coghurst also benefit from adaptability, a wide span of features and ultimately return on investment.