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With Coronavirus having forced businesses to close during the Spring there’s no doubt that 2020 has tested the hospitality market; however, there are some unexpected opportunities for the UK hospitality market in the coming period. It’s estimated that 90% of UK respondents to a recent industry survey are planning to have a UK holiday now the lockdown restrictions have eased. As many Brits are favouring a local holiday over travelling abroad, the opportunities are abundant.

It’s important the hospitality industry is prepared to meet the expectations of UK holidaymakers. With internet access being THE most important service, a hotel can offer to its guests, ensuring that the infrastructure is in place to deliver a superior experience, is crucial. This is where Cambium Network’s ePMP solution can help. Ensure your caravan park or campsite has fast, reliable broadband to delight your guests and turn one-time visitors into lifelong fans of the great British holiday.

13.5 million domestic vacations in Great Britain were trips to caravan or camping sites in 2019.

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To help illustrate the new trends in the UK Hospitality market, Purdicom commissioned some research into what the new landscape looks like. We have produced a powerful infographic to help provide the business case for investment in network infrastructure.  This will help to demonstrate the opportunities that exist for this market and we’re delighted to share the stats with you –  some of them are mind-blowing!

This is perfect to show your customers exactly why the hospitality market needs to get ready for the storm of new business coming its way, and just how important wireless is in providing customers with the ultimate experience.  If you’d like your own full hi-resolution copy in both PDF and JPG format, simply complete the form below and we’ll send you the links to download them – we can even brand them for you too!


As an added bonus, and to help support you in getting this message to your customers, Purdicom can brand this asset with your own logo and contact details so you can take it straight to market. We will simply replace the Purdicom logo with yours and you can use it straight away.  Check the box at the bottom of the form, and we will get back to you to organise your own custom branded version with company logo and contact details.

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Outdoor Connectivity

ePMP offers the perfect solution for any outdoor deployment; whether you’re looking for a close-range setup or a fully rural, miles-long network. Using interference tolerant technology, ePMP radios offer high-quality performance and reliability with the UK weather.

To find out more about ePMP, visit our product page. We also have some pretty amazing promotions on ePMP bundles, so if you’re ready to buy, check out how much you could save on our distributor promotions page.

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