UK Hospitality Opportunities

Staycation 2020

UK Hospitality Opportunities

We’re working with Cambium Networks to find all the current hospitality sales opportunities in the UK. Having been hit quite hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to make sure your customers are ready for the wave of new business coming their way.

This year, it’s estimated that 90% of UK respondents are planning to have a UK holiday now the lockdown restrictions have eased. And, with 80% of people saying internet access is the most important hotel service, that’s a lot of people all looking for the perfect holiday destination with connectivity options, when in 2018, only 70% of UK holiday accommodation offered internet access to their customers.

Hospitality in the UK

We’ve commissioned some high-value and data rich research with Statista, to really find out how the hospitality market is looking and what customers wants, and needs are. Focusing on the Wi-Fi and network infrastructure of hospitality locations, there are some compelling statistics that not only scream ‘opportunity’ but also have a super easy solution that we can help you, help them, with.

Compiling everything into one neat and powerful infographic, we’re offering this to our customers to download for FREE!  This piece of collateral provides an entire business case for investing in network infrastructure and giving hospitality customers the ultimate experience by ensuring they have the things most important to them.

Outdoor Hospitality

Within our infographic, we found many opportunities for the outdoor hospitality market. The outdoor market is often overlooked due to larger network infrastructure needed or because the deployment needs to be wireless. However, in 2019, 13.5 million domestic vacations in the UK where to caravan or camping sites, making up a huge 22% of all UK holidays that year.

Adding a wireless connection for these customers can help ensure there is an improved customer experience and positive customer reviews. It also increases the number of customers who will stay for longer or come back again.


Cambium Networks’ ePMP is THE portfolio product for outdoor wireless connectivity, providing the critical features needed but still allowing easy accessibility for users and high-quality performance in a range of environments.

This solution is perfect for caravan or camping sites, or any outdoor hospitality location, having been designed to work with varying numbers of users and devices on the network, from short range to hundreds of miles long. Always providing a seamless and reliable connection for all users.

The ePMP feature set is perfect for outdoor caravan sites where the connection can sometimes be poor in dense environments where there’s a lot of noise in the air. ePMP specialise in being interference tolerant, meaning noisy environments with lots of devices doesn’t affect the performance.

Also featuring Multi-User MIMO to enable the radio to transmit to more than one subscriber module at the same time, improving downlink performance and effectively doubling the throughput. Using cnMaestro, the free cloud management software, you can also monetise your outdoor wireless solution with payment gateways and portals.

Find out more about ePMP in hospitality here.

Indoor Hospitality and cnPilot

Most of the hospitality market is based indoor and needs a solution that can provide a Wi-Fi service that’s reliable, scalable, but also affordable. Meet cnPilot, Cambium Network’s cost-effective, high-performance Wi-Fi product. Especially designed for hospitality, cnPilot is a frictionless, adaptive Wi-Fi portfolio product providing high-capacity performance for rapid roll out of large-scale controller-managed Wi-Fi networks.

The number of devices is expected to be 3 times the population by 2023 and 58% of families take more than 6 devices with them on holidays. Customers expect to be able to connect all their devices at one time, all with a fast, reliable connection and this can make or break their experience. It’s important that there’s a network infrastructure powerful enough in place to sustain this type of usage to ensure positive and returning customers.

Find out more about cnPilot here.

Our Fantastic Infographic

If all these stats have got you thinking about where the hospitality opportunities for your customers are, you can download our infographic for free, here.

You’ll get the option to choose a JPEG or PDF version, or both, so you can take this straight to your customers to show how Cambium Networks can offer a network solution for whatever type of deployment.

Co-branded? We’re happy to co-brand this document with your logo and contacts details, so you have a sales pitch ready to send on to your customers. Simply tick the ‘co-branded’ box and we’ll be in touch for your logo.

Interested in ePMP?

We’re hosting a ‘Cambium Networks: Introduction to ePMP’ webinar on 27th August at 10:30 am (UK) to showcase ePMP and its feature set, along with a live demonstration of the kit in action. Hosted by one of our own Solution’s Engineers, Harry Drewett. We’ll be covering:

  • ePMP’s unique technology for fast networks
  • Cambium Networks’ extensive portfolio
  • ePMP’s 2nd & 3rd generation products
  • Live demonstration
  • Purdicom’s value add and how we can help
  • Access to exclusive Distributor promotions


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UK Hospitality Opportunities