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Working from Home Security

are your employees currently working from home?

With a lot of employees currently working from home, you need to consider the security of your business network. While working from home is efficient and throughout times like these, very effective in keeping your business working, it also increases the vulnerabilities of your employees using their home Wi-Fi.

And, while you may have full trust in your employees knowing when to not click on a spam email or open a dodgy attachment, the number of attackers hacking home Wi-Fi networks is on the rise. If these home networks are not fully secure, you risk your entire business being attacked.

What can you do to ensure WFH is secure?

Using a VPN is a secure start, allowing all computer traffic to flow through your company firewall. But there’s plenty more steps that can be taken to give persistent, always-on protection, that follows each of your employees.

WatchGuard is our network security vendor, who specialise in Firewalls, Multi-Factor Authentication and Secure Wi-Fi. Their new solution, WatchGuard Passport, gives each of your employees the Cloud-based security they need to work securely from home. Once everyone is safely back in the office, Passport can also be used within the office or on the go too, so no matter where your employees are working from, they’re secure.

WatchGuard Passport

Passport is a bundle solution of WatchGuard’s user-focused security services. These solutions all work independently to offer security as your users/employees move from the office, to home and around site.


WatchGuard’s Multi-Factor Authentication solution, AuthPoint, provides an addition security step for users logging into their devices and using your network’s VPN. AuthPoint detects and prevents any credential-stealing malware and data breaches, to stop credentials from being stolen.

AuthPoint uses push messages, QR codes, or one-time passwords, with the combination mobile device DNA of each user’s phone to identify and authenticate users.

WatchGuard AuthPoint MFA
DNS Protection

As users leave the network, you lose visibility of their internet activity. This can create security blind spots and leave them vulnerable to a phishing or malware attack. WatchGuard’s DNSWatchGO gives consolidated visibility into protected devices from wherever they are. When users are off the network, DNSWatchGO monitors and correlates any outbound DNS requests against malicious domains and will block traffic trying to connect.

EndPoint Security

While DNSWatchGO will detect and block communications to malware or phishing sites, EndPoint Detection and Response goes the extra step for security. Endpoint Detection and Response manages endpoints with ransomware protection, device isolation, threat correlation, and traditional signature-based antivirus protections. Responding by detecting and killing malware and threats while containing ransomware.

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What’s more?

WatchGuard’s Passport is 100% Cloud managed, so you can keep all your employees secure from one remote location. WatchGuard’s Cloud gives you visibility of reports, alerts and configuration services too, as well as the ability to deploy endpoint clients and manage authentication tokens.


There’s currently an offer running for new WatchGuard Passport users. 120 Days FREE Passport for new users, until 31st July 2020. Or, if you’re already persuaded, there’s also 20% discount on Passport until 30th June 2020.

If you’d like to secure your users and test Passport for FREE or get 20% off the Passport bundle, drop us an email to or to find out more about these offers, visit