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WatchGuard is our network security vendor, specialising in protecting you, your business and your network.

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Red for Red

Loyalty Promotion

For Legacy WatchGuard Customers

Trade up your firebox to a new Firebox T or M series and purchase a 3 year Total Security Suite solution and only pay for the services.

WatchGuard Firebox_M_Series_Stack
Ends 30th September 2020

FREE 60-day AuthPoint Trial

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread worldwide, we are dedicated to working to support your needs as you enable secure remote work access for your staff.

Use AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication to secure:

  • VPNs
  • Cloud applications
  • Remote access for your employees
  • Employee laptops (with MFA for logons)
  • Privileged user access
  • …and more!

Protect up to 120 users.


FREE 60-day DNSWatchGO Trial

Need to secure remote users without using a VPN? WatchGuard DNSWatchGO provides DNS-level protection and content filtering that keeps your business safe from attacks even when your user is outside of the network. DNSWatchGO makes it easy!

Use DNSWatchGO to secure users against:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Happy clickers
  • …and more!

Protect up to 250 users.


3 Years Total Wi-Fi Access Points for the Price of 1 Year

Buy any three years Total Security Access Point and pay just for one year.

WatchGuard secure_wifi_apfamily

Contact your account manager for this promotion.

Call us on +44(0) 1488 647 647

Ends 30th September 2020

Passport Promotion

WatchGuard Passport gives users the Cloud-delivered security they need to work freely from the office, at home or on the go. Includes: EndPoint Security,  AuthPoint and DNSWatchGO.

WatchGuard Passport_Products
Ends 30th September 2020

The WatchGuard Product Range:


T Series

The T Series Firewalls are WatchGuard’s tabletop appliances. Built for small to medium businesses looking to protect their network. These fireboxes can easily be added and deployed anywhere needed to secure the organisation.

WatchGuard recently released THREE new products to the T Series range: T20, T40, T80.

WatchGuard Firebox_M_Series_Stack

M Series

The M Series are built for mid to larger sized organisations and come as a rackmountable appliance. Their fast performance and total security applications make them best suited to growing enterprises, offering greater flexibility.

There are currently seven products: M270, M370, M470, M570, M670, M4600 and M5600.


WatchGuard’s FireboxV was built to provide network security in an ever growing virtual world. Having a virtual network reduces costs while increasing efficiency, availability and flexibility. This firebox is designed to protect organisations with networking security powerful enough for the virtual world.

Make your virtual environment as secure as your physical one.

Firebox Cloud

This Firebox Cloud is the public Cloud environment alternative to a physical firebox. Providing the same Unified Threat Management security as the physical firebox appliances, this Firebox Cloud is designed to allow organisations moving to the Cloud the same security.

Extend your security perimeter to the Cloud and protect your public Cloud environment.

Secure Wi-Fi:

WatchGuard secure_wifi_apfamily

Access Points

WatchGuard’s Wireless Access Points offer simple and scalable Wi-Fi for any size business, with any number of users. Combining a secure, high performance Access Point with a central Cloud management system for some of the best performing Wi-Fi on the market.

There are currently five Cloud-ready access points available: AP125, AP225W, AP325, AP327X and AP420.


WIPS are WatchGuard’s Wireless Intrusion Prevention System that bolt on to your Access Points to provide a secure network, protected from the 6 Known Wi-Fi Threats. Unlike any other on the market, WatchGuard’s WIPS provide accurate and automated Wi-Fi protection.

For most networks, you only need one WIPS for every four Access Points.

Multi-Factor Authentication &

WatchGuard Cloud:


AuthPoint is WatchGuard’s unique Multi-Factor Authentication solution. Having one weak password increases the changes of hackers bringing your entire network down. AuthPoint provides a highly secure MFA product that uses mobile device DNA to ensure the only person authorising log in is the user.

AuthPoint provides three ways to authenticate, each using the AuthPoint App; push messages, QR codes and one-time passwords.

WatchGuard Cloud

WatchGuard Cloud is a centralised management software platform ensuring your entire WatchGuard network can be controlled from one place. Encompassing Wi-Fi security, simplified management, network visibility and troubleshooting, guest engagement and analytics.

Providing customisable dashboards, reports and monitioning to ensure you can access what you need from the entire network.

EndPoint Security:

WatchGuard Passport_Products


Passport is WatchGuard’s portable protection bundle, user-focused security services that travel with your users. Passport allows each user to be secure on whatever device they’re using, no matter where they are.

Passport includes WatchGuard’s Multi-Factor Authentication solution; AuthPoint, DNS protection, and EndPoint Security.


Security that travels. DNSWatchGo is a domain-level protection service that keeps your users safe when they’re outside your network perimeter. Providing defense and content filtering through a constant monitoring of outbound DNS requests that your users make.

Any malicious traffic, sites or attachments are securely blocked and rerouted to stop attacks on your servers.

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