RG Nets


RG Nets

RG Nets next-generation IP data and voice revenue generating network gateway combines the latest technologies to maximise operator profitability and minimise cost.

Simplicity meets versatility and value in this feature-rich gateway product, thanks to a flexible, tiered licensing scheme and an all inclusive design. Whether in fixed wireless broadband, large scale hot-zones, WiMAX blankets, WiFi hotspots or wired MDUs and campuses, the rXg is the perfect platform for clear communication, authoritative control and complete cognizance over your RGN end-user population.

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Total Control

The ability to exert total control over the end-user population of a revenue generating network without any modifications to client devices is an absolute necessity when deploying a profitable RGN. The rXg is a special purpose device designed to meet the needs of the RGN operator combining both capital and recurring cost effectiveness with an extraordinarily easy to use management console. By deploying an rXg, a network operator can exert total control over nearly any aspect of the enduser experience. Examples include:

One-click per-user traffic shaping policies with rate limiting and priority enabling multiple levels of service. Rate guarantees enable the operator to offer service level agreements for latency sensitive applications such as VoIP and VoD.

Group-based destination restrictions enabling operators to offer arbitrary levels of access based on nearly any criteria. The operator can choose to enable free access for only a small subset of popular sites or charge a premium for content filtering.

Simple integration with a broad spectrum of credit card billing clearing houses and automatically place end-users into groups based on what they have paid. Limit access based on elapsed time or bandwidth.

Clear Communication

The conversation between the operator and end-users is intricately woven into all profitable RGN models. In the cell phone industry, voice plan revenue is used to cover network operational costs while content purchases (e.g., ring tones, video on demand) carry the margin. The same relationship can be found in cable television networks where advertising, premium content and pay-per-view provide profitability while basic cable subscriptions cover operating costs. The rXg brings similar communication capabilities to the operators of IP RGNs. Examples include:

Forced browser redirection to a diverse set of gateway hosted high performance captive portals that serve pre-and-post authentication advertising and location based messaging. The portal is also integrated with a fully automated zero operator intervention OSS web application that supports a broad spectrum of billing options as well as metered content on-demand.

Arbitrary HTML page rewriting enables the operator to inject static or dynamic advertising onto every web page the end-user views. When combined with a handful of simple rewriting recipes, interstitial advertising and even forced viewing of video content are easily attained.

Complete Cognizance

Inspecting, recording, analysing and understanding how end-users consume the available resources as well as how they interact with the offered service levels is a critically important aspect of operating an RGN. Unfortunately, most operators disregard this vital component of RGN operation until a disaster strikes at which point instrumentation is required for debugging. The rXg integrates a comprehensive instrumentation package along with long term archival and analysis tools enabling the operator with simple, accessible and complete cognizance over the end-user population. Examples include:

Collection, graphing and analysis of network bandwidth consumption on a peruser basis. View real-time packet-per second and bits-per-second rates. Graph historical PPS and BPS rates going back years. Automatically enforce usage limits and other policies based on total bytes transferred over a given period of time.

Record, inspect and report on website visits by individual end-users or groups. Track activity to automatically direct advertising campaigns based on usage pro- filing. Understand which websites are frequented, detect abusive behavior and comply with regulatory requirements.

Incorporate your network into one box

Captive Portal

Fully Customisable

User Self-Authentication

Credit Card Processing Engine

PMS Integration

External Database Authentication

Bandwidth Management

Per User Traffic Shaping

Rate Limiting

*Bandwidth Bursting

Quota Enforcement

Packet Prioritisation


Fully Integrated Threat Management System

Stateful Firewall

Intrusion Detection

Deep Packet Inspection

Core Networking Services



Uplink Aggregation

Carrier Diversity

Automatic Failover

rgents rs6

Web Experience Manipulation

Message Delivery

Advertisement Injection

Advertisement Overlay

Frame Injection (banners, popups, etc)

Search Query Re-Write

Policy Based Delivery of Experience Manipulation

Automatic Dynamic VLAN

Automatically assign VLANs by device or account

Zero operator intervention provisioning

Onboard headless devices

Take your connection anywhere on site

Each device has it’s own dedicated or grouped connection Security breaches are eliminated

Reporting and Auditing

Graphical Instrumentation and Auditing

Monitor Every Aspect of System and Network

Packet Capture

Web Cache

Store Surf Histories of Every User

Resource Consumption Dashboards