Trinity 323

Long range Ptp/ PtMP, CCTV, ISP & building to building connectivity

245Mbps | 23dBi Dual Pol Antenna | IP67/68 Rated | 3, 5 or 6GHz | up to 200km+ distance

The Repeatit Trinity 323 is a high performance, ruggedized PtP (point to point) & PtF (point to few) transparent bridge that is managed by the Repeatit Cloud ecosystem. Due to it’s high gain antenna and ruggedness, the Trinity 323 is often used in short – long range environments, even in harsh conditions.

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Frequency Bands: 5.150 –5.850 GHz

Channel widths supported: 5/10/20/40 MHz

Capacity: 245 Mbps

Duplex Technique: TDD

SyncMaster Support: Yes

Trinity Multipoint support: Yes

Modulation: OFDM, PSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM

Max Tx Power: 25 dBm

Max Rx sensitivity: -97 dBm

Error Correction: FEC; k=1/2,2/3,3/4, 5/6

Encryption: 128 bit AES & MAC level authentication

Surge Protection: 15kV

Antenna Protection: Internal DC Grounding

DFS: Yes

QoS: Four Access Categories (AC) Voice, Video, Best Effort, and Background Traffic classification according to WMM

Bandwidth Control: Yes

Trinity 323

Ask us about the Trinity 323

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