Purple was founded after believing that public WiFi could be utilised for much more than internet access. Sectors such as retail, hospitality & leisure which supply WiFi to their customers, are now seeking methods to receive benefits in return of supplying this service. Purple is an organisation that offers opportunities for businesses to extract information about the clients and their actions, which access the WiFi. The cloud based technology offers social login, footfall tracking, content filtering, real-time analytics and enhances social media interaction. Marketing for the business or location is enhanced via personalised logins, while the details and actions of clients provide vital information for customer analysis. Purple is the perfect hotspot solution for hotels and single outlets, shopping centres and multi-site retailers.

Features & Benefits

Social WiFi & Marketing

Marketing tools available in the Purple portal provide an extensive method to monitor and promote your business in real-time.

Safe And Secure WiFi

WiFi can often be a potential minefield for web safety and security. Purple offer a secure and child friendly content filtering service.

Location Analytics

Guest WiFi should play an integral part in any customers experience. Allow customers to log in across your venues and drive your social content through the roof.

Analytics Like Never Before

Purple is able to gather information about clients’ demographics and their movement around physical spaces.

Footfall, conversion and bounce rates, contemplation rates, return visits and frequency, can be analysed to understand customers.

Free vs. Paid WiFi?

There are many arguments associated with guest WiFi. Enabling WiFi to be free allows businesses to add value through marketing methods reaching large audiences. Despite this, various businesses prefer to supply it at an additional cost or where extra time or speed can be accessed via payments. All of these provisions are available with Purple.