Guest WiFi analytics and engagement like no other.

Pep is a competitively priced one-stop shop for user engagement, configuration, comprehensive WiFi reporting and control for any WiFi network.

With the quick and easy creation of branded mobile responsive web authentication portals, you can connect with customers using social media logins and then deliver targeted advertising to users on connection to the network.

The bolt on WiFi advertising module for your network engages users like nothing else. Target content to WiFi users with Pep’s sophisticated Campaign module featuring scheduling and location targeting to deliver the right message to the right users at the right time.

The comprehensive WiFi reporting allows you to view live and historical data, device type, browser versions, data downloaded/uploaded, websites visited and much more.

Custom User Journeys

WiFi advertising

Powerful content filtering (inc. in price)

Per user time, data, and speed limits


Social Media integration

Email marketing (inc. in price)

Network, function and site delegation

Integration with EDM, CRM, SMS engines, membership databases

Build customer surveys

Recurring revenue

Hardware upgrade bundles

PeP Locate

Location services for visitor counting, reporting and marketing.

Locate is a bolt on WiFi location services tool for Pep powered networks. Pep Locate enables unparalleled insight into visitor behaviour based on how they move about in your WiFi zone. It works with leading WiFi vendors’ location services to recognise visitors by their device’s unique MAC address and captures information about where and when they are in your WiFi coverage area.

Whether you want to measure the effectiveness of a display or better understand foot traffic through your premises, PeP Locate provides the location analytics that you need for actionable insights.

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