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DELIGHT your guests with a home-from-home experience.

Picture this…

You’re exhausted from travelling but relieved to get to your hotel room. It’s been a long day. You’re looking forward to being able to unwind, getting prepared for tomorrow. It’s a big day.

With your bag slung down and a quick raid of the mini-fridge, you flop out across the bed and kick off your shoes. What would be nice now is a movie. Something to help you relax. Yes. You just want to finally stop thinking for the next couple of hours.

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Nomadix Casting Hospitality TV Remote

Reaching for the remote, you start flicking. A few minutes later and you’re still flicking. You sit up. This is rubbish. Then a fond memory comes to mind – the series you were watching with your family before you left home.

Netflix is on your phone, but can you remember your password? Can you even get Netflix on this TV? Not sure you have the energy to go into battle with the remote control you consider just forgetting the idea.

But it’s okay. The hotel has Nomadix Casting. Your poor tired brain doesn’t need to remember passwords or contend with the annoying and lengthy struggle to input all your data on the tiny remote.

You’re already connected to the Wi-Fi. You scan the QR code on the screen, securely connect to the Netflix app on your phone, and start casting right away!

What a result! The perfect evening in, home-away-from-home! You have everything you need and you can just chill. With a great night’s rest, tomorrow is going to be a good day!

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Nomadix Casting

Nomadix Casting

Secure, Quick & Easy In-Room Entertainment Solution for Streaming Directly from Guest Devices

The challenge is always, how to provide the most secure, seamless and convenient guest experience. There are three things that are certain to continue to grow; the demand for that home-from-home consumer experience, the number of devices travellers bring with them, and guest expectations. How can the hospitality industry deliver that friction-free, five-star service that leads to rave reviews and repeat business? Well, it’s the small things actually.

Casting allows guests to play their own content directly via the hotel TV, much like they might at home. Casting allows guests to watch the latest episode of their favourite Netflix show, listen to music, work out, or stream a business training video and all in their native language if they are abroad.

This should be effortless. Guests want to watch their own content without having to remember all their different passwords or log onto a public device, using a TV remote to slowly click through all the on-screen options. Just make it simple.

With Nomadix Casting, guests can easily and securely stream content from their own devices, from over 2,000 apps, onto the in-room TV from just one simple step. Scanning an onscreen QR code. They can then also use their device simultaneously to continue browsing their social media, answering emails or shopping online – in fact, anything else they need to be getting on with.

Why Choose Nomadix Casting?

Guests can cast their own media from their own devices without the hotel TV remote.

Ultra simplified streaming with Nomadix Gateway. Guest devices automatically pair.

Simplified standard authentication using an on-screen QR code. Simply scan, connect & cast.

Cast all media from over 2000 apps including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify and more.

Conveniently, guests can use their mobile device for other functions, like checking updates & emails – all whilst still casting.

Nomadix Casting is compatible with and supports both iOS & Android, so no matter whether you’re Apple or PC, you’re sorted.

Hotels can customise the interface for a consistent, professional brand look & feel when guests access the service.

Easy-to-use, web-based management platform with built-in reliability and added security for your guests’ peace of mind.

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