iboss Network Security is a leading provider of innovative APT Defence, Web Security and Mobile Security Solutions. Founded in 2003, iboss was created to provide cutting-edge security for today’s complex network environments. Unlike legacy technology, iboss industry-leading solutions were built from the ground up to meet the challenges of a mobile-enabled world, with the goal of increasing security without jeopardising business efficiency.

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Web security seamlessly delivered through the cloud

Web security that goes beyond protecting the web browser; designed to secure any organization, anywhere, anytime, any device, direct to cloud:

Unrivaled security and flexibility:

  • The only cloud security able to detect protocols such as TOR that circumvent traditional web browser security
  • Secures HQ plus all branch offices and road warriors direct-to-cloud in seconds
  • Delivers instant, infinite scalability on-demand
  • Eliminates the need to backhaul data for remote sites and mobile users
  • Offers options for all-cloud, all on-premises or hybrid configurations

The Prevent Duty Act

The Prevent Duty Act imposes a duty on “specific authorities” (i.e schools, colleges, local authorities and NHS institutions) when exercising their functions, to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

The Prevent Duty is the ability for staff to identify children who may be vulnerable to radicalisation, understand what to do when they are identified and should be seen as part of a schools or organisations wider safeguarding duties.

More than ever it is essential that schools and educational establishments have the correct filtering and security in place to safeguard their students or else face repercussions from Ofsted and other governmental bodies. Ofsted need to know how any the schools will identify strange behaviour and what the safeguarding representative does to protect the students.

To comply with the duty, you must provide an approved home office solution to the school which iboss does comply.

Without the correct filtering, reporting and safeguarding representatives, your organisation will receive a negative score within the Ofsted report.

The Prevent Duty:

Filtering Web Traffic

Blocking Evasive Protocols

Reporting and Visibility into all traffic

BYOD, Social Media & Application Controls

How iboss can help:

Comprehensive Dynamic URL Database and Safesearch

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and Home Office

Evasive Protocols

Keyword Filtering and Real Time Alerts

Dynamic SSL Decryption

Drill Down Reporting

BYOD and Guest WiFi Management

Advanced Application Management and Safe Social Media

Leading-Edge Security

3 Modules Fighting Today’s Advanced Threats

Web Security

Web Security & Filtering

iboss Web Security delivers next generation tools that secure all your Web traffic, backed by patented, technology and cutting edge features. iboss processes a TB of data a day across millions of users globally, with malware and threat signatures dynamically updated across all users in real-time. And iboss solutions are easy to install and manage, helping to conserve valuable IT resources and lower TCO.


Advanced Threat Defence

FireSphere Advanced APT Defence offers multiple layers of protection that combine inbound security, including sandboxing, with active infection detection, to keep threats from entering your network, while ensuring your data doesn’t leave. And unlike many competitors, FireSphere ensures that you aren’t overwhelmed with alerts and false positives, by applying unique forensic technology that correlates and analyses threats.


Mobile Device Management

MobileEther offers end-to-end protection across all the devices accessing your network, whether corporate-owned or BYOD (bring your own device). It is seamlessly integrated with the core iboss Web Security solution to extend comprehensive protection without requiring manual proxy settings to a third party solution, which can undermine network security.

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