Designed and engineered to provide a data backbone for the most challenging applications

Fluidmesh wireless products are the enablers of outdoor and large-scale applications of the Internet of Things: smart cities, urban video-surveillance, connected vehicles and trains, and industrial automation.


The Fluidmesh products have a rugged design, specific for harsh environments and long lasting performances. With an integrated 2×2 MIMO sector antenna, they can be used to create point-to- point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mobility networks with a throughput of up to 130Mbps.


High-speed reliable wireless network connections to multiple vehicles in a transportation yard. The Fluidmesh system includes an intelligent load-balancing algorithm to assign the wireless client in each vehicle to an available base station based on load and demand.


The ultimate wireless broadband connectivity solution for high speed vehicles up to 100 Mbps usable throughput for vehicles(including high speed trains) traveling at up to 220mph (350Km/h) supporting Video, Voice and Data.


  • Prodigy 2.0

  • Prodigy is a high performance ‘intelligent’ transmission protocol built to overcome the limits of standard license-free protocols and deliver a wireless infrastructure with a higher level of reliability.
  • FluidThrottle

  • Limit the cost of ownership with FluidThrottle by paying only for the amount of throughput required. More throughput can be easily achieved by upgrading the system with software plug-ins when the traffic requirements increase. FluidThrottle technology makes Fluidmesh flexible and cost effective!
  • FluidMax

  • Fluidmesh is the only outdoor wireless vendor supporting Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh, and Mixed architectures with the same hardware. Stop dealing with tens of different part numbers and hardware versions. Select Fluidmesh to make your life easy and your business profitable.
  • FMQuadro

  • The FMQuadro web interface allows you to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the wireless network in real time, without any additional software. To simplify the configuration of the wireless network, the radio has a built-in spectrum analyser and a real-time bandwidth monitoring tool.