Ceragon Networks is a worldwide provider of high-capacity LTE-ready wireless backhaul solutions. The company has a broad portfolio of innovative, field-proven technology solutions for wireless service providers as well as private businesses. The Ceragon solutions are designed to deliver voice and premium data services, eliminate the backhaul capacity network as well as significantly reducing the costs and transition to next-generation IP-based networks.

The main driver of Ceragon’s business is the modular FibeAir product family, which is a cutting-edge, high-capacity solution for wireless backhaul transportation of broadband services over IP and SONET/SDH networks.

Features & Benefits

Long Haul/Trunk

The Evolution Long Haul IP trunk solution is an economical alternative to fiber optic lines. Easy to deploy and maintain, the solution offers highly reliable, ultra-long distance, point-to-point transmission enhanced with load sharing of traffic among all available wireless links. The solution combines Ethernet microwave technology with link aggregation enabling operators to scale bandwidth up to multiple-gigabit Ethernet wireless links.

Small Cell Hauling

As mobile operators look to small-cell deployments to extend coverage and boost capacity to meet the growing demand for data mobility, Ceragon offers small-cell backhaul solutions that operate cost-effectively today and are remotely expandable to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Packet/ Hybrid Microwave

Ceragon’s FibeAir high-capacity carrier-grade wireless backhaul product series combines TDM with Ethernet to provide smooth evolution to advanced, packet-based radio performance. Facilitating cost effective, risk-free migration to IP/Ethernet, it can be integrated in any TDM, hybrid or pure IP/Ethernet network delivering the highest capacity solutions according to evolving network requirements.