Why more resellers are choosing cnPilot as their complete WiFi solution

With 80% of all mobile traffic going over WiFi, everyone from the café on the corner to the school across the street need to have the same level of high capacity, reliable WiFi, regardless of budget.

Cambium Networks cnPilot is a range of comprehensive end-to-end 802.11ac & 802.11n WiFi solutions that combine high-capacity performance, affordability, scalability and easy network management in one neat package, perfect for any home, small- or mid-market WiFi installation.

cnPilot Enterprise
Indoor WiFi

cnPilot 802.11ac Wave 2 high-speed indoor access points bring true future-proofing capabilities to any user-heavy indoor environment with multi-user MIMO beamforming—perfect for schools, retail, and hospitality deployments

cnPilot Enterprise
Outdoor WiFi

Powerful outdoor WiFi equipment for any demanding environment requiring cost-effective, controller-managed access points. Optimised for enterprise, education or industrial campuses, public WiFi, and hospitality

cnPilot Home & Small
Business WiFi

Exercise complete control of your networks with cnMaestro supported 802.11ac and 802.11n home and small business WiFi APs. Decrease network administration and maintenance costs while maximising customer satisfaction

Fully Support You and Your Customers

Take advantage of a comprehensive support system—from over-the-phone help in a pinch, to forum discussion and on-site technical assistance. Cambium and Purdicom both offer their services to ensure that you’re never left stranded

Take Control of Your Networks

cnPilot’s purpose-built, highly-scalable cloud controller is designed to manage thousands of devices, their data, and the analytics in the cloud so you can exercise complete control of your network now, and in the future

Cost Effective Deployments

Support more clients with fewer APs whilst boosting your WiFi capacity. With no AP management license fees or hidden charges, and a free controller with all cnPilot e-series Access Point sales, you get more for less

Future-Proof Your Networks

Reliable, flexible, indoor high-speed enterprise WiFi with a 7 year warranty and cnMaestro cloud & on premises controller to take your 802.11ac and 802.11n connectivity and customer satisfaction to the next level of performance

3 Month Guarantee – 100% Risk Free

Put cnPilot through its paces and see what results you get. If you’re not totally blown away after discovering what cnPilot can do for your networks, our Purdicom 3-month guarantee ensures you can return it risk free! Let us know within a month of purchase, and you’ve got an additional 2 months to return it for a full refund.


cnPilot e410

The e410 802.11ac Indoor AP is compact and low profile with Wave 2 multi-user MIMO beamforming and flexible power and channel options for ultimate coverage and capacity in any indoor deployment.

cnPilot e430W Wall Plate

Discrete and powerful, the cnPilot E430W Enterprise Indoor Wall Plate AP is perfect for hospitality complexes and MDUs, utilising 802.11ac Wave 2 beamforming and multiple GigE ports to drive customer WiFi satisfaction

cnPilot e600

Stay on top of the latest standards with the high-powered, gigabit speed, beamforming, multi-user MIMO 802.11ac wave 2 e600 APs with a 4×4 antenna array—the ideal workhorse for your high traffic deployments


cnPilot e500

The e500 802.11ac Outdoor AP is designed for enterprise, educational and industrial campuses, or any demanding public WiFi that relies on true operational superiority to deliver reliable, high-capacity performance

cnPilot e501S

The cnPilot e501s outdoor AP utilises operational superiority to cater to demanding, high density applications, featuring an integrated 90°-120° sector antenna for longer range coverage across large areas

cnPilot e502s

The e502s 802.11ac Outdoor Sector AP brings cost-effective, high performance WiFi to super high-density applications such as stadiums and big events, utilising a 30° integrated sector antenna and streamlined management

cnPilot e700

cnPilot e700 802.11ac Wave 2 Outdoor Omni APs are the cost-effective, controller-managed WiFi solution to hospitality complexes, public WiFi, and enterprise, industrial and higher education campuses


cnPilot R200P

Simplify your network with streamlined components using cnPilot’s r200p 802.11n WLAN router, all managed by Cambium’s cnMaestro cloud manager for complete end-to-end network visibility

cnPilot R201

Extend your customer’s WiFi reach with cnPilot’s r201 802.11ac dual-band WLAN router, the highly integrated indoor home network solution on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum

cnPilot R201P

cnPilot’s r201P 802.11ac WLAN router brings even more control to your network, utilising PoE output for power extension capability, flexible integration options, and multiple SSIDs

cnMaestro – Free Network Controller

Maximise performance and minimise downtime with cnMaestro cloud or on-premises network manager. Make the most of advanced troubleshooting features, end-to-end visibility of the network and customer devices, out-of-the-box zero touch onboarding, and multiple management options for a fully optimised network.
cnMaestro comes free with every cnPilot AP.

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