Warehousing & Logistics

Wireless in Warehousing & Logistics

warehouse-01Getting wireless connectivity to function in large warehouse spaces can be next to impossible. With huge areas filled with metal racks, a myriad handheld devices, moving vehicles, dynamic environmental conditions and no pervasive Ethernet network, connectivity is an enormous challenge.

Warehouses need wireless to cover a vast area with no dropouts, stable connections and have a strong signal to deal with handheld stock checks, VoIP devices and ever moving devices. Today’s warehouse managers are also wanting to invest in cost-effective processes and technologies that improve accuracy as well as attract and retain customers.

Using wireless Point to Point (PTP) technology you can link warehouses together with distances up to 30km. Ruckus’ adaptive antenna technology effectively solves warehouse connectivity issues. Its patented, dual-polarised, adaptive antenna technology selects the best signal path for every packet, even as devices in the warehouse move around. The result is a consistent and predictable performance you can rely on.