Connecting Multi-Dwelling-Units 

Ensuring you can meet the connectivity needs of every individual within busy Multi Dwelling Units.

MDUs change range from student accommodation or luxury apartments through to military housing and assisted living. Each MDU will have a unique requirement for a secure, fast and reliable network. Understanding these requirements will provide you with the correct technology for your customers. Each MDU will have a large number of smart devices all requiring a connection, relying on an uninterrupted network.

Using wireless and Wi-Fi within a MDU removes the need for cables running throughout the building. This creates a more seamless experience and an ease of use network topology for any technician. Where the requirements are ever-changing within an MDU environment, offering a Wi-Fi network that will work under harsh use and maintain speed is a crutial foundation.

MDU Wi-Fi Requirements

Simple and Flexible Management

One management system for the MDU means issues can be fixed quickly and simply. Resolved from any location, without interrupting end-users.

Ease of Use

Easy access to the connection ensures each end-user can connect their own devices quickly and securely without having to reconnect.

Secure and Practical

Place each individual into their own VLAN to keep the connection secure, by preventing users from seeing others data, minimising threats from potential hackers.

Strong Coverage & Performance

Providing speeds and bandwidth to cover all the required devices within the building, all while ensuring the performance is paramount.

Separation of Traffic

Separating individuals into different VLANs based on the amount of users or for security requirements, ensuring end-users have a continuous connection.

Connect Multiple Devices

Giving end-users the opportunity to connect as many devices as required without effecting the network performance, no matter what the usage.

“I was honestly blown away by its performance. It delivered far more than expected and ended up being an incredibly smooth install because of it. We’ll definitely be utilising this product range again.”


Victor Matthew-Brown, Director at King’s Hill Networks

Available Technologies

Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN)

Within a range of MDUs, a scalable Wi-Fi solution is crucial to ensure each resident has an uninterrupted, fast connection. With many people online at the same time, all using a range of devices, end-users’ rely on a secure and reliable network that will work within this environment. Wi-Fi is now a necessity within MDUs and the network needs to cover every residents’ own devices too.

Ruckus Networks Product Portfolio
Building to Building Connectivity (Point-to-Point/Multipoint)

Point-to-Point and Multipoint allows connectivity between one or more locations without having to lay fibre. Meaning each MDU can be on the same network, so residents can move from their apartment to their shared rooms without disruption. Landlords with more than one MDU can have them all on the same network meaning there’s only one network to manage and resolve issues from.

Networking and Security

The landlord of the MDU must ensure each resident is safe on the network. Offering network security solutions for network threats such as malware and ransomware. Using multi-factor authentication solutions work to reduce network disruptions and data breaches arising from weak or stolen credentials, something common in MDUs with a large number of residents and devices on the network.