Wireless in Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics and care homes are the ideal candidates for reliable and secure WiFi, as at any one time they will have many mobile phone users trying to find coverage as well as access to information. These environments often have large open spaces as well as many areas where coverage is weak or non-existent.

As technology evolves, it is now expected to cut paperwork and errors as well as help satisfy the patient and improving their whole medical treatment and experience.

Installing WiFi will enable fast and secure access to electronic patient medical records (EMR), improve communication between staff, support high-resolution video as well as speeding up delivery of medical images. In addition, guest WiFi access can be extended to visitors in lobbies, waiting rooms and cafes.

Mobility is a vital element in having hospitals achieve their quality and patient safety objectives. Wireless mobility gives doctors and nurses better and faster access to patient information from almost anywhere inside a healthcare facility.

Hospitals and other healthcare environments, however, typically feature lots of electrical devices, with metal and wireless interference. Standard WiFi solutions won’t be effective in these spaces. Purdicom would, therefore, recommend Ruckus’ ZoneFlex Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions. They’re the only WiFi systems with long-range, directional beam forming and beam steering technology, including advanced Smart Mesh Networking, enabling them to adapt to the interference-filled environment of healthcare.