Point to Multipoint (PMP)

What is Point to Multipoint?

Point to Multipoint Wireless (PMP) is a method of connecting multiple locations with ethernet when wires cannot be deployed typically due the substantial cost of ADSL/fibre or where terrain does not allow for cable to be dug into the ground. PMP could be used to connect multiple buildings in a school or business park, provide backhaul for multiple CCTV cameras or access for houses or businesses in an ISP network.

Distances, Throughputs and Frequencies of Point to Multipoint

Point to Multipoint technology has developed rapidly with true individual access point throughputs available up to 100Mbps. When numerous PMP access points are connected within a 360o ring, the combined throughputs can reach up to 500Mbps. Point to Multipoint usually operates either in the 5.4 or 5.8GHz frequency band and can achieve distances of up to 5km.

Purdicom can plan Point to Multipoint links for any vendor giving you and your customer a rich analysis of the speeds & distances achievable the desired PMP location.