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Purdicom works with its partners across many verticals supplying technology that spans Wi-Fi, Switching, Network Management, Point to Point (PtP), Point to Multi Point (PtMP), Firewalls, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS), Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Public Wi-Fi.

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We supply technologies into many verticals and we can advise on the best solution for your deployment, whether it be indoor or outdoor connectivity, security, a captive portal for public Wi-Fi, power back-up, or a combination of technologies to best suit your customers’ overall requirements. Our solutions are all supported by our value-add and professional services.

WiFi for hotels and hospitality

Providing state of the art Wi-Fi, security and network solutions for the demanding needs of hospitality.

Education Wi-Fi Distributor

From primary through to university, our Wi-Fi and Wireless solutions provide the best connectivity for the developing mind.

MDU Business Park Wi-Fi
Multi Dwelling Units
Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU)

Ensuring you can meet the connectivity needs of every individual within busy Multi-Dwelling Units.

Wi-fi for SMEs
Small - Medium Enterprise
Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

Whatever your business size, you need a network connection that works with you, to grow your business.

Wi-Fi for Retail
Retail Sector

Restaurants, cafes & shopping centres. Beat the competition with a connectivity solution that’s suited to you and your users, encouraging loyal and returning customers.

Wi-Fi for Healthcare

Our Wi-Fi and Wireless solution requirements are continuously growing in healthcare, with more groups evolving and becoming more connected.

Browse by Technology

We supply technologies into many verticals and applications. Our aim is to best support you and the needs of your customers on every deployment. This means not being rigid in our approach and always advising beyond the obvious vendor silos. We can help support you with network design, link planning and demonstrations on all the technologies we supply – most often, we use it ourselves! Our value-add and professional services include support across finance, technical, sales and marketing, logistics and warehousing. We exist to help you grow your business.

Next Generation Wi-Fi

Carrier-grade indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi for a wide range of applications. Cover every corner with fast and reliable Wi-Fi to power your business, school, hotel or organisation.

Enterprise Switching

The critical hub of every network, powerful and flexible switching solutions provide the vital connection between all wired devices. Get ready for the future.

Network Management

The demand for fast and reliable connectivity is rapidly advancing. Users need the ability to quickly troubleshoot, monitor & optimise their wired & wireless infrastructure.

Point to Multi Point

When connecting two or more locations is impossible via fibre, wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) technology is the only solution. mmWave & 60Ghz.


Cyber-attacks grab headlines almost daily. Monitor, control and secure your network and establish your barrier between your trusted internal network, and the external world.

Secure Wi-Fi

Unsecure Wi-Fi networks are easy for hackers to corrupt, manipulate and steal information from. Protect your network from the six known Wi-Fi threats with WatchGuard’s WIPS.

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