Siklu – EMEA Distributor of the Year

Why we love Siklu

Siklu provides cost effective, high-capacity wireless backhaul links. Designed to meet the exponential growth in bandwidth demand, from mobile networks, video-surveillance connectivity and gigabit to the home services. Siklu are currently the market leaders in the gigabit wireless market and continue to grow year on year, due to increased demand for bandwidth and lack of spectrum available in sub 6 frequencies.

EMEA Distributor of the Year

On Tuesday 12th March, the Siklu team presented us with the EMEA Distributor of the Year award for 2018. This is a huge honour for us at Purdicom especially as Siklu have presented this award to us for the second year running, based on our sales volumes.

Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to grow our Siklu account base and the EMEA Distributor of the Year award recognises the effort put in by our team.

A target for us this year has been to provide educational pieces around the millimetre wave spectrum as an alternative to traditional wireless manufacturers and fibre providers. By taking this proactive approach we’ve been able to successfully onboard more partners and grown our valued existing partners.

We’ve taken our customers through the whole wireless journey; from the initial concept through to the deployment. The great relationship we have with the Siklu UK Team has made this possible for us. Siklu have an excellent platform to grow their UK business and market through their well-functioning value-add services. They’re also very supportive of us at Purdicom, they have many vendor support teams that make everything a lot easier for us, which ultimately means we can provide our customers and their end-users with the best support. Their UK Technical Team with Daniel Ephraty and their UK Sales Team inclusive of Luke O’Kelly help make our business as seamless as possible. So, we can focus on our customers, giving them the products best suited to them.

What the future holds…

There’s a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline for Siklu in 2019 that we’re extremely happy to be supporting. The new N360 base unit is set to be released in the UK in Q3. The N360 offers 360-degree coverage to 32 gigabit capable subscribers. This will be the first 60GHz solution to be able to provide this multigigabit to over 30 subscribers.

Siklu are also looking to be the front runners for radio frequency technologies by pushing past 10 gigabit capacity. They’re hoping to achieve this by opening their technology to sit in the W-band 92-114.5 GHz and D-band 130-174.8 GHz. This will increase channel bandwidth and modulation for their current PtP/PtMP portfolio.

In terms of what the future may hold for Purdicom, we’re hoping for the EMEA Distributor of the Year for a third year running! But for now, focus is on growing the Siklu team and continuing to keep Siklu as a key vendor.

Contact us

Our dedicated Siklu team sit in our offices, so if you’d like to get in touch about anything to do with Siklu, send John an email and he’ll be more than happy to help. Or, have a look at our Siklu page on our website.