Siklu – Distributor of the Year, UK and Ireland 2019

We’ve been awarded Siklu’s Distributor of the Year, UK and Ireland 2019!


On 17th of February, Siklu’s Director of Sales Northern Europe, Luke O’Kelly turned up at the Purdicom offices to present us with the Distributor of the Year, UK and Ireland 2019 award. This is the third year in a row we have been achieved this award and each year we’ve seen an ongoing increase in the demand for Siklu’s outstanding technologies with sales to match. It’s fantastic to be recognised for our determination to see Siklu grow predominately in the UK and Ireland territories and we’re extremely proud of the team for helping us achieve this award.

Last year, we saw our Siklu business grow significantly as we continue to offer Siklu’s solutions across a wide range of multi-gigabit wireless deployments. Speaking with our Siklu team, there have been two key solutions that have made Siklu stand out as a clear industry leader within the mmWave market.

Siklu’s technology

Towards the end of 2018, Siklu continued their trend of disrupting the Millimetre wave market with the release of the second generation of their high capacity EtherHaul Product, the 8010FX.

This new iteration continues to deliver carrier grade point-to-point connectivity utilising the lightly licenced 70/80Ghz E-Band spectrum at speeds of up to 10Gbps Full-Duplex. With this release Siklu has given even more flexibility to their customers by allowing this to be loaded with an initial licence for 2Gbps and then upgraded to 5 or 10Gbps when required. This enables customers to keep initial capex costs down while still future proofing their network against the ever-growing demand for capacity.

Siklu was able to further bolster the capabilities of the 8010FX with the release of their new, 2ft DL-5 antenna in October 2019. As well as offering extended range capabilities of up to 10km, the DL-5 has an inbuilt 5Ghz interface, allowing customers to use a 5Ghz radio from any other manufacturer for resiliency, should adverse weather cause the 8010FX to de-modulate, using Siklu’s ExtendMM feature.

The ExtendMM functionality means that should the 8010FX experience a drop-in capacity, below the user defined parameters, the antenna will automatically begin transmitting on the 5Ghz back up until the 8010FX returns to normal function. All of this occurs within milliseconds and without any need for customer intervention.

Since its release, the 8010FX has seen huge success across multiple verticals; from Wireless ISP’s delivering residential connectivity to traditional Fibre ISPs, allowing them to reach areas where fibre would be either too costly or too time consuming to deploy.

2020 is going to be even bigger

Following the successes of 2019 and the huge uplift in sales, 2020 is already set to be even bigger with many significant opportunities already in the pipeline. We look forward to fulfilling even more requirements for this market leader throughout the year in this exciting and expanding area of the channel.

A massive thank you to the Siklu Team for awarding us as their Distributor of the Year, UK and Ireland Award and for all the support we have received from them. We look forward to continuing to support their growth through our activities as a dedicated supply chain partner.

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