Aberdeen Harbour use Siklu EtherHaul to Integrate CCTV & Access Control Solutions

As one of the UKs busiest ports and serving the North Sea oil and gas industry, Aberdeen Harbour uses Siklu EtherHaul millimetre wave wireless to connect the new Torry Marine Base with a future-proof solution.

The Problem

Aberdeen Harbour handles around 5 million tons of cargo a year and is the centre of activity for the offshore oil and gas industry’s marine support operations in North-West Europe. This creates a complex security environment, with the need to monitor staff and public safety, manage traffic and shipping movements, protect assets and deter criminal activity. The creation of the new Torry Marine Base meant the harbour board needed to deploy an integrated security solution covering IP CCTV and Access control solutions along with automated vehicle and pedestrian entry points and Automatic Number Plate capture with secure and high capacity backhaul connecting the new base to the existing IT fibre network infrastructure. Laying fibre or utilising leased line solutions was considered, but due to the cost effectiveness and ease of deployment it was decided to utilise the latest wireless technology proposed by Scottish Communications Group.

Due to the complicated geography and demanding environmental considerations presented by this, I immediately introduced our preferred wireless solutions partner, Purdicom. The support and backup provided by the team at Purdicom throughout was exceptional.

Liam Mowat, Technical Director for Scottish Communications Group

The Solution

Scottish Communications Group decided to propose a Siklu solution with reliable wireless backhaul to cope with high throughput demands of its client, Aberdeen Harbour. This also utilised the E band spectrum which is relatively uncongested and ideally suited for this type of project. Purdicom’s engineering team helped Scottish Communications Group plan and design four Siklu EtherHaul 1200F wireless links. The Siklu EtherHaul 1200F was specified by Purdicom due to it’s high capacity and full duplex gigabit throughput able to deliver large amounts of data reliably. These links also ensured a future proof base should additional network traffic be required as this was taken into consideration at the design stage.

Scottish Communications Group decided to take advantage of Purdicoms “value added services” offered to partners and utilised one of Purdicoms engineers to oversee the commissioning stage.