Planning and Design

Correctly planning and designing you wireless network is imperative to ensure you get the speed, services and value for money. Using our premium services we can assist you with planning and designing your wireless network.


Ekahau allows you to perform desktop site-surveys giving you an idea of how many access points a particular site may require or where ‘dead spots’ may appear. When it is not practical for you to produce your own, as a value added service we can provide you with these reports when supplied with the necessary information.


We offer link analysis that includes detailed ground clutter data accurate to between 2-5m. This saves time & money by using detailed LIDAR clutter data to factor in buildings, trees, hedges & other obstructions into the link budget calculations. The planning output is provided in standard format so that it can easily be integrated into your project.


Do you need help applying for licenses from Ofcom? Or do you have any questions about frequencies and licensed links? We work closely with Ofcom regarding wireless communications and are able to apply on your behalf for licenses and raise any queries you have.


When bidding for a tender or designing a network we can assist in the designing and writing process to help you achieve the best possible solution for your needs. Using Wireless surveys, budgetary information and technical requirements we can assist you in designing your solution.