Whitmore High School Favour Ruckus Smart WiFi for its Wireless Network


Students, staff and community users


APs installed throughout the School


Devices supported in single area at once

Whitmore High School chooses Ruckus Smart WiFi enabling fast & secure WiFi to over 1,000 students and 100 staff members keeping them ahead of educational demands.

The Challenge

Whitmore High School is a secondary school, educating over 1,000 pupils, employing over 100 staff and catering for 1,000 community users. With today’s growing demands for WiFi in schools, Whitmore High School faced a challenge to maintain its local popularity and reputation as a leader in education.

Whitmore previously had in place legacy WAP’s where users struggled to maintain WiFi connections and suffered WiFi “dead spots” whilst the IT Technicians found management too complex and time consuming.

With that in mind, Whitmore turned to Ruckus Wireless & Purdicoms reseller with the task of providing strong, stable and secure wireless coverage able to support more than 35 laptops & tablets in a small area at once. Since the Secondary school, was also rolling out more and more tablet devices and laptops to pupils & staff, they needed a proactive company which had responsive technical support to help with any issues that they had.

Whitmore High School chose Purdicoms reseller because they had worked with them on previous projects and knew their quality of installations & pricing is always competitive.

The Solution

As an accredited Ruckus Wireless Big Dog Partner, Purdicoms reseller specified an equipment list consisting of over 50 ZoneFlex access points with Ruckus’ BeamFlex+ technology. A feature-rich ZoneDirector controller was also installed to simply manage & coordinate the quantity of APs and support the multiple VLANs. Combined with the professional installation and technical support, the WiFi solution provided was second to none.

The Outcome

Since the successful installation by Purdicoms reseller, over 1,000+ users have benefitted from Ruckus Wireless’ super fast speeds and strong coverage. Whitmore High School has future-proofed its wireless network by using Ruckus Wireless meaning staff; visitors and the demanding students now enjoy a reliable, campus-wide WiFi network.