RUCKUS Product Release New SmartZone Controller SZ144 and Data Plane SZ144-D

CommScope RUCKUS UK Distributor

RUCKUS Release Brand New SmartZone and Data Plane

We’re excited to announce the release of RUCKUS latest SmartZone Controller (SZ144) and Data Plane (SZ144-D) appliances. The SZ144 and SZ144-D appliances are the newest additions to our lineup of SZ100 appliances and are based on the next generation platform with an advanced Intel CPU and additional memory.

This high-performance platform delivers twice the performance compared to the current SZ100 appliances. For instance, the SZ144 has the capacity to support up to 2,000 Access points or up to 400 switches. The SZ144 and SZ144-D appliances also have upgraded connectivity with four 1GbE Ethernet ports and four 10GE SFP+ ports. Reliability on these platforms has been enhanced with the use of a solid-state hard drive for storage and adding the option for a redundant AC power supply.

The SZ144 and SZ144-D appliances will be released with SmartZone OS v5.2.1

According to CommScope, the SmartZone controller SZ144 and Data Plane SZ144-D are expected to be available for order and shipment in mid-August. For early enquiries please get in touch with us

Product: SZ144

  • SKU: P01-S144-XX00
  • Description: SmartZone 144 Controller Appliance with 4x10GigE and 4 GigE ports, 90-day temporary Access to licenses.

Product: SZ144-D

  • SKU: P01-D144-XX00
  • Description: SmartZone Data Plane Appliance, with 4x10GigE and 4 GigE ports (10Gbps throughput).

SZ144, SZ144-D Key Benefits:

  • Next Generation, Advanced Compute Platform
    • Enhanced Intel CPU with more DRAM memory
  • Upgraded Connectivity
    • 4x 1GbE Ethernet
    • 4x 10GE SFP+ ports
  • Enhanced Reliability
    • SSD Hard Drive
    • FRU Fan Unit
    • FRU AC Power Supply Unit

SZ144, SZ144-D Accessories:

902-S110-0000 is the AC power supply FRU. The SZ144 and SZ144-D ship with one AC power supply unit installed at Factory. The appliances have a second power supply slot for a redundant power supply unit – the 902-S110-0000 can be installed in this slot.

902-S120-0000 is the Fan FRU. The SZ144 and SZ144-D ship with three fan units installed at Factory. The appliances only need two fans for normal operation and the third fan is redundant and installed to enhance system reliability. The 902-S110-0000 can be used to replace a failing fan unit in the field.

Product: Power Supply FRU

  • SKU: 902-S110-0000
  • Description: FRU, Spare, AC Power Supply, SZ144/144-D

Product: Fan FRU

  • SKU: 902-S120-0000
  • Description: FRU, Spare, Fan, SZ144/144-D

For more information about SmartZone and Unleashed, you should check out our upcoming Family Technical Day on Wednesday 9th September 2020, starting at 10am. Where we will be demonstrating how the two technologies compare and providing an overview of how the technologies have changed with live demos and Q&A. You can register for the Technical Family Day webinar here.