Ruckus Cloud Training at Purdicom

Ruckus Cloud Accreditation Day

Here at Purdicom we are proud to be the largest Ruckus Wireless distributor in EMEA. Together Ruckus Wireless and Purdicom work hard to build strong and effective partnerships with a growing network of VARs, resellers and MSPs across UK & Ireland. Supporting and enabling the channel to be the best when it comes to providing all services and vendor products is something we take seriously. So, for us, days like our recent Ruckus Cloud Accreditation Day are always eagerly anticipated.

Ruckus Cloud Wifi

New technology like Ruckus Cloud enables a cost-effective, fast and reliable way to manage the growing demand of Wifi network services. It allows users to monitor, optimise and troubleshoot enterprise level Wifi networks in one simple dashboard. Becoming accredited comes with many benefits for our partners as well as their customers, so this week we hosted an opportunity for some of our Select Partners to come along to Purdicom and learn all about the tech, how to configure the platform and obtain their own accreditation.

Sharing Ideas

The aim of the day was to give our customers Ruckus Cloud Specialisation status. We hosted customers from various regions across the UK, each customer selling into different verticals. This meant there was no competitive conflict. Attendees were, therefore, free to share their thoughts and the positioning they use for the Ruckus Cloud Wifi, as well as sharing their experiences, what has been working well for them and some of the challenges they experience. This worked well and meant everyone got the most value out of the day.

Ruckus Cloud Training Day at Purdicom

The day started by running through the Ruckus Cloud Wifi technology, giving our customers a thorough understanding of the product and its positioning. We discussed possible pitches and the benefits of the technology. With a range of different levels of experience, each customer had different insights that could be shared and utilised across the group when positioning the Ruckus Cloud Wifi to their customers.

Hands-on Training

To ensure our customers were completely prepared to take the technology to their customers, we gave them each a 1-year Cloud License as well as an R310 Access Point. Using their new access points to test themselves during the course, Ruckus and Purdicom walked them through how to configure the platform and demonstrated the technologies simplicity and ease of use. This hands-on approach really helps to build knowledge and expertise. It helps our customers to understand the software inside-out and creates a unique selling point for their end-users too.

Ruckus Cloud Accreditation Training Day at Purdicom

Benefits of Ruckus Cloud Accreditation

After fully configuring their own Cloud platform, lunch was served (including some well-received fairy cakes), we started the exams required to become Ruckus Cloud Specialisation Partners.

Becoming accredited has many key benefits and is something we strongly believe in here at Purdicom. The accreditation helps to protect our customers by ensuring they understand the Ruckus portfolio of products. They are then able to provide their customers and end-users the very highest quality advise and confidence in dealing with queries. Being able to service queries effectively and independently without the need to continually go back to Ruckus, offers a slick and seamless service to the end-user market.

Accreditation also benefits resellers through Ruckus promotions; once accredited, resellers qualify for a significant discount on Ruckus products as well as access to exclusive partner promotions. Ruckus also pass on their Cloud leads to accredited resellers, so another benefit is access to leads ready to purchase.

Part of our value-add is ensuring our customers have what they need when going to their end-users, so if you’d be interested in becoming Ruckus Cloud Wifi Accredited, please let us know by emailing or check our Wifi Network Training & Events pages.