Introducing Gold Standard WiFi Security with Cloudpath

After the recent acquisition of Cloudpath by Ruckus we are very excited to announce its addition to our product portfolio. Here’s a brief rundown of the features…

About Cloudpath

‘Cloudpath Networks bridges the gap between enterprise-grade security and personal devices to create a Set-It-And-Forget-It Wi-Fi experience that allows BYOD to be adopted in a scalable, secure, and user-friendly manner. Cloudpath invented the Wi-Fi onboarding paradigm in 2006 and onboards millions of personal devices each year utilizing the Automated Device Enablement (ADE) approach built into its XpressConnect product line.

Utilizing standards-based security, such as WPA2-Enterprise, 802.1X, and X.509, Cloudpath solutions work with your existing infrastructure and are deployed with the top ten enterprise WLAN vendors. With customers spanning enterprise, government, higher education, primary education, and more, Cloudpath solutions deliver the promise of secure, reliable connectivity across all verticals and around the globe.’

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BYOD Onboarding

XpressConnect provides automated, self-service onboarding for employees and others with personal devices (BYOD). Designed on the concept of least-privilege, XpressConnect distinguishes personal devices from IT-owned assets and applies the appropriate policies. With support for automated configuration of certificates, Wi-Fi, email, and more, XpressConnect ensures personal devices are onboarded effortlessly and secured appropriately without intrusive management agents.

Certificate Management

The use of certificates has traditionally been hindered by the challenges of distributing certificates and the overhead of managing the lifecycle of certificates. XpressConnect solves both of these issues, providing a zero-touch approach to distributing and managing certificates.

XpressConnect is designed to distribute certificates for all types of end users. XpressConnect features the ability to distribute certificates in a self-service, automated manner from a variety of sources, including the onboard certificate infrastructure, Microsoft Certificate Services, or from third-party certificate authorities.

The onboard certificate infrastructure provides a simple-to-use, robust certificate system with complete flexibility and automation over all aspects of certificate management.

If you have Microsoft Certificate Services deployed, you may choose to have XpressConnect issue certificates from Microsoft CA for select use cases, such as IT-owned assets. Unlike systems that rely solely upon SCEP and Microsoft NDES, XpressConnect properly registers each certificate to the appropriate user in Active Directory, rather than SCEP_ADMIN, to ensure user management within Active Directory functions as expected.

Regardless of how you choose to mix-and-match certificate sources, XpressConnect makes certificate management intuitive, including:

  • Ensuring each device is issued the appropriate certificate.
  • Providing visibility into user, device, and policy information associated with each certificate.
  • Automatically managing the lifecycle and permissions based upon policies.
  • Providing automated notifications to users, administrators, and external systems regarding the issuance, revocation, and expiration of certificates.

Certificates for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are beloved for being simple and secure. With XpressConnect ES, you can now deploy the gold standard in security, certificates, to Chromebooks in an automated manner.

Whether issuing from an existing Microsoft CA or through XpressConnect’s built-in PKI, XpressConnect ES ensures every device receives the appropriate certificate without IT overhead. Once installed, the certificate is available for a wide array of uses, including certificate-based WiFi, web authentication, and more.

For managed Chromebooks, XpressConnect ES deploys both user and device certificates. Either way, the certificates are TPM-backed, meaning they are burned into hardware for maximum protection.

For unmanaged Chromebooks, XpressConnect ES provides self-service, automated installation of the certificate along with related services, such as WPA2-Enterprise WiFi using EAP-TLS.