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Industry Insights from Ruckus Networks

We’re pleased to announce that Ruckus Networks is joining us at the Purdicom Open Day. They’ll be there all day, meeting new and existing customers and anyone who wants to discuss their large portfolio of products.

Ruckus are also scheduled to talk later in the afternoon, providing an overview of new technology.

We interviewed Ruckus to answer the questions at the forefront of everyone’s mind. As a thought-leading and influential company we wanted Ruckus’ opinions, giving you some extra details into what makes them unique and their own industry insights.

Q: Where do you see the largest opportunities for growth in the coming years?

A: ‘We see great opportunity for growth in our ICX Switching portfolio. We’re growing and hope that this part of the business will see the biggest return for us. Our ICX Switches work together to simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimise troubleshooting and make upgrades easy.

As they work seamlessly with Ruckus Wi-Fi access points and Ruckus SmartZone network controllers, giving you the opportunity for a high performance, cost effective solution.’

Q: What are your predictions for the future of Wifi?

A: ‘Wifi is fast becoming part of the infrastructure solution and as such we see partnering with other complementary vendors a prediction for the future of Ruckus’ expansion within Wifi. With the continued demand for reliable Wifi, Ruckus expect to see a big push for entire technology fit in new verticals as well as combining these portfolios with other vendors to offer end-users a complete solution.

We also hope for continued success within Wifi and the growth of Ruckus to continue.’

Q: Are there any future changes in the market that will drive change or demand for your technology?

A: ‘With new standards, comes new technology and this will always drive demand. Although we have little insight into new emerging changes in the market, we understand the push for 5G and therefore the expectation for faster and more reliable Wifi from us.

The integration of the whole CommScope portfolio will develop new markets for Ruckus too, as both CommScope and Ruckus will be better positioned to benefit from long term industry growth trends, including network convergence, fibre and mobility everywhere, 5G, Internet of Things and rapidly changing network and technology architectures.’

Q: In your opinion, what new trends should resellers be getting behind?

A: ‘We believe resellers should get behind solution selling, where end-users are offered the entire portfolio to suit their requirements and needs instead of offered individual products that will work in conjunction with their current technology. Solution selling allows resellers to identify their end-users’ pain points and offer something that meets their wider needs. Working in this way is smarter, providing an opportunity for resellers to showcase their extended offerings and answer more problems for their customers at the same time. It also enables resellers to reduce their technology backlash. Resellers should also get behind cross selling wired & wireless to all end-users.’

Q: What verticals do you think will be the most successful areas for your technology in the coming years? And why?

A: ‘We see great opportunity in markets such as MDU (Multi Dwelling Units), a vertical that requires a wide range of solutions due to the vast demand from a number of applications. With each MDU being unique, they’re an opportunity for success as Ruckus can offer them a solution that fits exactly their requirements. Smart Cites is another area offering success for Ruckus, globally Smart Cities are becoming a norm and the demands to have a technology driven city is increasing. Smart Cities have large budgets and looking for state-of-the-art technology to offer to their residents. Retail could also be a successful area with the growing retail markets.’

We’re excited to have Ruckus join us at the Purdicom Open Day to share more insights about the future of the industry.

Cambium Networks, Siklu, Ascom and CertaUPS are all joining too, so keep an eye out for more information about them and their products soon.

If you’d like to come along and see Ruckus, register for the Purdicom Open Day here.