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Purdicom’s Pick of the Month – Cambium Networks

Monday saw the 2018 Cambium Networks EMEA Partner Event kick off in beautiful Budapest, celebrating the partnerships that have brought real meaning to Cambium’s motto: Connect the Unconnected.

Purdicom are proud to be a long-time Cambium partner and have thoroughly enjoyed delving into talks surrounding the evolution of Cambium’s offerings within the competitive landscape, on top of the exciting disruptive influence Cambium will take on their wireless fabric roadmap.

As the event draws to a close, we’re taking the time to look back on the years that we’ve been partnered with the leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions, and how the solutions we’ve helped provide have made a difference globally.

Allow us to shed some light on why we think Cambium Networks is worth taking a moment to ask; “How would Cambium add value to our business and my customer’s wireless needs?”

What Makes Cambium Networks Different?

Cambium Networks offers fixed wireless high speed backhaul and access solutions in licensed, unlicensed and defined use frequency bands. Their leading edge, carrier grade technology solutions deliver consistently reliable performance for mission and business critical applications, augmented with their ePMP and cnPilot range of flexible out- and indoor solutions.

Cambium Networks has always focused on scalability, spectral efficiency, process efficiency and innovation to extend broadband. These four key focuses have resulted not only in Cambium offering the only complete wireless fabric technology solutions for Enterprise, IoT and Service Provider Community Networks, but in a proven commitment to serving the community and using technology to improve lives, wherever they are.

However, it is Cambium’s unmatched engineering expertise that truly sets them apart from their competitors, offering a range of features and specifications that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our Take

Purdicom have been partnered with Cambium Networks since 2012. The relationship, however, extends all the way back to 2005 when the company went by a different name. We’ve seen first-hand how Cambium has made an impact in the wireless PtP and PtMP landscape, assisting in providing the right product for the right project. From long distance rural connectivity in challenging geographical locations, to disaster relief and Smart City development, Cambium Networks has made a difference all over the UK and further still.

Recent events hosted by Purdicom offered insight on the wireless market’s eagerness for Cambium’s tailored wireless solutions, with resellers on the day often left astounded by the price for performance in comparison to many other well-known low-cost manufacturers. More people are turning to Cambium, and it’s for all the right reasons; cost, performance, reliability and support.

Preparing for the Future

Looking forward, we know that 2018 is likely to see the 5G milestone reached, with the first standard to be published specifying a radio waveform to meet the IMOT-2020 5G requirements. (1) This is great news for Cambium customers, as Cambium products come prepared with new technologies to support the evolution and bring costs down from the get-go.

Cambium Networks and Purdicom have grown exponentially together; we’re proud of the journey we’ve taken, and the projects we’ve seen brought to life with next-gen Cambium technology. The future of wireless is an exciting, if sometimes daunting, place, and Purdicom staunchly believe that Cambium are the vendor to watch.

It’s amazing to see how Cambium has developed in the years we’ve been their partner. Those of us not in Budapest can’t wait to hear of all the new and exciting things that are being launched this week. Cambium remains one of our top three vendors, and we believe that they (like us) will continue to grow more and more with their fantastic product range.”

Hugh Garrod, Purdicom Managing Director

Contact us to find out how Cambium Networks will change the way you do connectivity forever:
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