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Purdicom appoints Steve Kent as Director of Sales & Marketing

Purdicom is proud to announce that Steve Kent has been officially appointed as Director of Sales and Marketing, following one of the company’s most successful years to date.

Steve has been with us since early 2015 and was promoted to Sales Manager in May 2017. He was tasked with not only leading the sales team to hit targets, but to restructure and innovate the entire sales process within the company. His recent appointment to Director of Sales and Marketing sees Steve taking on further responsibilities after significant success in the last year.

Since Steve took up the mantle, the revenue growth for each quarter has skyrocketed, resulting in an astounding 40% annual revenue growth.

Steve has continued to lead the charge into 2018, and Purdicom are proud to announce our 1st quarterly profit has improved significantly from the year before by over 45%.

Over the last year the sales and marketing team have gone from strength to strength under Steve's management and we think that he has more than proved himself capable of this exciting new role.”

Hugh Garrod, Managing Director at Purdicom