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How You Can Solve 4 Common Enterprise WiFi Headaches

With 80% of all mobile traffic going over WiFi, everyone from the café on the corner to the school across the street need to have the same level of high capacity, reliable WiFi. The public don’t care how it’s provided, only that it’s there.

People want more, for less. No big news there, but when you’re stuck in the fun position of supplying a WiFi network that ticks ALL the boxes, it can get overwhelming. Trying to explain to your customer why they can’t have—or don’t need—every feature, takes time, effort, and can honestly be like talking to a brick wall.

Sound familiar?

We’ve spoken to WiFi resellers across the UK and have discovered 4 huge pain points that crop up time and time again.

Zero Support

A big issue with many enterprise level WiFi products is a lack of support after purchase. With region or platform limitations, additional costs for the luxury, or simply no option for support at all, enterprise market WiFi resellers definitely get the short end of the stick.

Complicated Network Management

The lack of visibility and complicated network configuration of many wireless networks is one of the most prominent issues.

How much time have you spent on the phone or—worse—on-site, fixing a network problem or configuring a software update for each and every device on every site? It’s a network engineer’s or manager’s worst nightmare, often because the time and effort invested in diagnosing problems on-site can commonly be fixed off-site.

The Wrong Package

There is a common assumption that the WiFi market for enterprise is a desolate space; only supplying the cheapest DIY solutions, or the top-end, wallet destroying solutions. Nothing in between. This has resulted in customers resorting to using solutions unfit for them, settling for a network that isn’t capable of handling the needs or bandwidth required of it, or overarching and overpaying for a solution that’s unsuitable for the area.

Scalability Takes an Age

Every customer wants to know their network has the potential to scale. And every WiFi solution manufacturer promises they can. But when the time comes, the molehill becomes a mountain as each new access point needs to be fully configured on-site by senior engineers who know the complicated ins and outs of the network. And this needs to be done for every single device, on every single site. Days can be lost to ‘scaling’ a network.

The good news is that WiFi manufacturers are working hard to stay ahead of trends, designing new products that’ll solve these problems.

We did our research. We listened to your problems. Now we present to you the best solution on the market for enterprise WiFi installations. Cambium Networks cnPilot, in our experience, has answered each pain point and more, creating a comprehensive end-to-end 802.11ac WiFi solution that combines high-capacity performance and affordability in one neat package.

So how exactly does cnPilot address each concern?

Comprehensive After-Sale Support

Unlike many competitor products, Cambium Networks cnPilot solutions offer a free comprehensive support system—from over-the-phone technical help and forum discussion, to software downloads and repair. What’s more, Purdicom offers you a 3-month money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can return it at no cost.

Cambium and Purdicom both offer their expert qualified services to ensure that you’re never left stranded. And while cnPilot might be easy to use, that’s not to say you can’t take advantage of on-site training courses run by certified instructors.

Efficient Network Management

It’s time to take it to the cloud. If we told you that you could have full end-to-end network and device visibility in a single pane of glass, enabling full network remote configuration capabilities, you’d likely ask what the price tag is.


cnPilot’s cnMaestro wireless network manager utilises zero touch onboarding, inventory tracking, monitoring, easy configuration, dashboard views, and more. It’s a highly-scalable cloud controller designed to manage thousands of devices, their data, and the analytics in the cloud—information accessible at any place, any time. External troubleshooting and configuration of networks means you spend less time on-site, or diagnosing issues via complicated software management systems.

Pay Less for More

cnPilot has been specifically designed as the complete enterprise wireless fabric network offering at an affordable price. It gives you everything in one neat package, with no additional costs.

That means no license fees, full stop.

Take advantage of an extended warranty offer lacking in many competitor offerings, throw in a free cloud controller, and you’re already making savings without compromising quality.

Finally, go one step further and explore the options to monetise your network by using cnMaestro to create flexible guest access features with customisable splash pages and payment gateways. Time- and rate-limited access options like social login and voucher codes are ideal for guest WiFi in hotels, coffee shops, campgrounds, and offices.

True Scalability

Take the pain out of the scaling process by future-proofing your deployments with cnPilot. The free cloud controller allows for zero touch installation—just send an engineer to plug in the AP and you can manage the configuration with easy cloud set up. There’s no more need for upskilling engineers, and no need for individual configurations.

cnMaestro can handle as many devices as you set your heart on, with no additional license fees, and all the configurations can be rolled out at once. Time saved = true network scalability.

Don’t believe us?

Try it for free with Purdicom’s custom demo kits! Contact us via the button below to arrange for your very own free demo kit to be sent your way to test and see for yourselves how cnPilot is the only painkiller you need for your WiFi headache.

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