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The Future of Networking & The Network Infrastructure

It’s imperative to stay well-informed with the latest trends in networking and recognise what end-users are expecting. In the report we will be touching on fast-emerging trends: Wi-Fi 6, Internet of things (IoT), cloud and network automation, fibre, 100GbE on the network and much more.

In the report we will discuss where trends are manoeuvring and how they could impact your business and connectivity.


In the report you’ll find answers to the important questions every forward thinking business should be asking themselves at this time, such as:

  • Does your business need Wi-Fi 6 connectivity?
  • What is considered ageing infrastructure?
  • How to deal with increasing traffic growth on your network.
  • Is there a way to future proof your network?
  • What does the future of networking look like?

The answers will enable you to help businesses make the essential decisions required to ensure continual growth.


  1. The report provides an outline of the most fundamental trends in networking and network infrastructure. It’s an informative guide that each and every business can take advantage of.
  2. It also focuses on how each trend can today, and for the next five years impact the end-user, and outlines the type of solutions businesses can adopt to ensure they stay ahead, meet the growing demand and continue to thrive.
  3. It equips businesses to think about investments in challenging times, by adapting to a pay-as-you-grow model that enables every business to optimise on the latest trends and shape their networks in preparation for the future.
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We’re confident you will find its contents insightful and useful.

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