Curve IT Deploy RG Nets at Luxury Apartments

Curve IT is a leading IT services company who specialise in infrastructure management, project planning and events Wi-Fi. As an RG Nets, Wireless and IT solutions provider they differentiate themselves from competitors because of their ability to create a completely tailored and customer driven solution for their clients. This was shown in their latest deployment of RG Nets at Vantage Point Archway Tower, London.

Vantage Point Archway Tower, is a 17 storey block of apartments sitting immediately above the Archway Underground Station on the Northern Line of London’s famous underground. Curve IT were faced with a considerable task of supplying an end to end networking solution to this newly built, large block of apartments, which included over 100 rooms, roof terrace and winter garden.

For this deployment, Curve IT needed a product that would not only operate on a single WLAN but allows each dwelling unit to be provided with its own individual and segregated network at layer 2 and 3. To achieve this they turned to RG Nets as well as using Ruckus Wireless for the internal solution – the two vendors working hand-in-hand to offer maximum efficiency and great user experience.




RG Nets’ Automatic Dynamic VLANs were tied to accounts that were created for each apartment to, not only secure the environment for the customer, but also to manage the settings for each apartment individually. With this setup the customer can choose, at an additional cost, to add more devices to be connected and increase their bandwidth, thus allowing a greater revenue to be extracted from the residents.

Access is also provided for staff and integrated with the AV, and Building Management System. RG Nets is limitless in what it allows the customer to do.  Alternative service options such as free public WiFi access, paid for access, and authenticated login for staff & corporate users are all features available and utilised by Curve IT within this deployment. Each network has its own unique policy, allowing individual splash and fully customised captive portals as required. Curve IT also added individual traffic shaping options (allowing them to either limit available bandwidth or guarantee a minimum bandwidth to individual users, devices, and even device types).

Security was also a primary factor to consider when Curve IT were specifically designing this solution, and again, was something that could be fully managed and controlled through RG Nets. Making sure that the end client is protected is something that Curve IT take very seriously and unwilling to make any compromises on. Policies to counteract the threat of impact to the network from viruses, malware, and DoS attacks, as well as blocking access to inappropriate sites through content filtering were all applied during this deployment. The security functionality of RG Nets, more than covered both the requirements and standards of the client and of Curve IT.

This deployment was managed successfully because of the expertise and technical prowess of Curve IT and their team. Alongside Purdicom, the installation was swift, taking only 2 days! Curve IT, yet again, have provided a long-lasting and personalised solution at Archway Tower, London, which was all driven by their passion to provide their clients with the best technology available on the market.