khn cnpilot dunbrody house case study

KHN Uses cnPilot to Bring Luxury to Mid-Market Hospitality WiFi

Location: Wexford, Ireland
Systems Installed: Cambium cnPilot
Integrator: King’s Hill Networks Ltd
Customer: Dunbrody Country House Hotel

In an effort to uphold Dunbrody Country House Hotel’s luxury image, King’s Hill Networks Ltd installed Cambium Networks cnPilot for impressive capacity, network management, and boosted guest satisfaction.

Not-So-Luxury WiFi

When it comes to ensuring their guests experience true luxury, Dunbrody Country House Hotel is at the top of their game. This award-winning boutique hotel comes complete with a world-renowned gourmet restaurant and spa, attracting guests from all over the world wanting to escape to the beautiful country on the south coast of Ireland.

However, the hotel had only been using a single basic broadband router to supply WiFi to the lobby. To truly afford their guests the luxury lifestyle they’re seeking, Dunbrody asked King’s Hill Networks to bring their WiFi network into the 21st century.

KHN conducted a site survey on the hotel to determine how to work around the structural challenges that come with old buildings. A newer part of the hotel presented entirely different issues, and it became apparent that the premium brand WiFi products KHN had originally planned to use wouldn’t be the right fit. The deployment needed a solution that fit the mid-market hospitality sector; able to handle the size and complex layout of the site, as well as the high user capacity demand, and budget.

Far More Than Expected

KHN chose Cambium Networks cnPilot as the perfect mid-market WiFi solution and, with Purdicom’s assistance, worked out that they’d need far fewer access points to achieve better capacity with this solution than previously expected.

Cabling was discretely installed throughout the building, linking the eleven access points in the main hotel, three in the house, and one in the bar. These fifteen access points offer WiFi users connectivity from anywhere within the hotel, utilising 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO beamforming to increase overall wireless network capacity by allowing wireless communication between more than one access point and avoiding interference issues that plague many other brands. So not only is the WiFi available from anywhere within the hotel, the connection will remain stable and fast no matter how many guests are using it.

Furthermore, with Cambium’s cloud controller, cnMaestro, KHN are able to remotely manage the network, updating and troubleshooting for maximum efficiency. With each SSID the same for every device, configuration was fast and easy, allowing for an exceedingly fast install—particularly useful due to the busy nature of the hotel. cnMaestro allowed KHN to design a splash page for guest internet access using promotional pictures of the hotel and social and email log in options.

The No 1 Mid-Market Hospitality Solution

Due to the success of the deployment, Dunbrody Hotel have already requested expansion of the network across the grounds later this year. The easy scaling capabilities of cnPilot and cnMaestro means the hotel can enjoy a truly future-proofed deployment, whatever their scaling aspirations.

cnPilot delivered far better performance than KHN had anticipated, with the centralised RF management feature proving impressive, allowing for unaffected connectivity should any one access point go down. Auto channel selection was another surprise benefit, working better than many other premium WiFi products, according to KHN.

The solution ended up being a perfect fit for the hotel, and Dunbrody Country House Hotel are highly satisfied with their new WiFi connectivity, further cementing their luxury reputation within the hospitality industry.

This was the first time we’d used cnPilot on a deployment, and I was honestly blown away by its performance. cnPilot delivered far more than expected and ended up being an incredibly smooth install because of it. We’ll definitely be utilising this product range again.”

Victor Matthew-Brown, Director at King’s Hill Networks

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