Elevate your Network with Cambium Networks ePMP

Struggling with performance? Elevate your network to the next level of performance, scalability, and stability. ePMP Elevate solves the network migration challenge by enabling you to convert existing deployed 802.11n-based fixed outdoor wireless broadband subscriber modules to ePMP Elevate subscribers, gaining all the benefits of ePMP without the cost of hardware replacements at subscriber sites.

The powerful signature capabilities of Cambium Networks’ ePMP platform:

GPS Synchronisation

More efficient use of the spectrum as GPS Synchronisation provides the ability to re-use frequencies within the coverage area.

Smart Beamforming

Drastically reduce the effects of on-channel interference. The System forms a narrow beam towards the desired Subscriber Module while that radio is transmitting in the uplink.


Cloud-based or on premise platform which provides end to end management, device onboarding and maintenance support.

ePMP | Elevate Migration Overview

This short 2-minute video will show you how simple deploying ePMP Elevate software on an existing 802.11n-based network is.