Hugh Garrod

Managing Director

Hugh Garrod started his career as a commodities trader in the city before making the jump to telecoms during the early boom. Hugh’s experience includes roles at Comcast, Singapore Telecom and NTL before entering the wireless market in 2000 working for BreezeCOM which was subsequently acquired by Alvarion. Hugh was later headhunted by the DTI Broadband Task-force where he was instrumental in the early broadband rollout across the country. In 2005 Hugh combined his wireless and broadband experience to found Purdicom.


Chris Jennings

Director of Business Development

Chris (also known as CJ) is the Director of Business Development, his focus – delivering results in the wireless and security fields, developing the business into an industry leader and achieving customer satisfaction by providing creative solutions. Chris develops robust relationships with both existing and potential customers, as well as resellers and distributors, he has successfully maximised new business opportunities whilst maintaining and growing existing accounts.


Chris Knight

Head of Technical & Training

Chris is a strong people manager who is a clear, motivating communicator and technically driven. In him, you’ll find a comprehensive professional with a “can-do” attitude and the drive to get the job done.
He believes that good team leadership and a hands-on approach to management brings increased standards and hard work.


Matt Smith

Head of Finance & Operations

Matt has been in finance since leaving Plymouth University in 1994 with a 2.1 BA (Hons) studying Accounting & Finance. A CIMA qualified accountant Matthew spent 10 years working in the Hotel sector before a change in direction has seen him work in Prototyping & Landscaping. More recently he has worked in the Mobile Phone Retail sector before moving to Purdicom in 2013. Matthew now oversees both the Finance & Operations side of the business.